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How to fix Facebook thumbnail from wordpress ?

How to fix Facebook thumbnail from WordPress ?

I saw many WordPress blogger do not set the Open Graph properly and found out that it is difficult to modify the themes or WordPress templates header. So this is the fastest way to correct your thumbnail and description and display them nicely while your friends sharing your contents.


Open Graph Plugins

There are so many plugins from WordPress that can fix this problem. The one I’m using is

WP Facebook Open Graph protocol Version 1.4 | By Chuck Reynolds
You can visit the plugin website


Setting up

You need to set your

And it will display correctly.

Other plugins

Maybe you can search for Facebook Open Graph in Add New Plugin from WordPress, then you can try for other plugin may provide the same result.



4 thoughts on “How to fix Facebook thumbnail from wordpress ?”

  1. I have tried this plugin but for some reason there is no thumbnail when I share video links. Anyone else have this problem.

  2. You need to upload another photo then it can be the thumbnail, it is impossible to get thumbnail from video directly.
    Try do print screen while watching video ;)

  3. I have try it but never changes. When I want to share link (post) to facebook or google+ and other, just show link without description and image. But when I try share category link and page. It show image and description. What happen to my wordpress. Can you help me?

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