Calculator Tips Hints in iOS

Calculator Secret Tips & Hints in iOS or iPhone

Last updated on April 4th, 2012 at 01:15 am

Calculator Secret Tips & Hints in iOS or iPhone

Here are some Tips and Hints for some new user to iOS or iPhone.

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Make a correction to the number in the Calculator

In the Calculator in iOS, there is no Backspace or Delete button for you to press. To make a correction for the number mistake, you can slide the screen on the numbers there.
You may Slide from Left to Right or Right to Left, it will delete a number.

But you cannot edit the number from the middle of them like in Android.

Calculator Tips Hints in iOS

Copy and Paste in Calculator

You can Touch Twice ( Double Tab ) the numbers part, it will show Copy | Paste to let you copy the numbers or you can paste the numbers from other apps.

Calculator Tips Hints in iPhone


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