Harlem Shake Song Lyrics and Meaning

Harlem Shake Song

Harlem Shake Song is a hip-hop-influenced song by American DJ and producer Baauer. It is getting famous during February 2013, the other version of the Harlem Shake YouTube video increase more the 10,000 within half month. Most of the fans keep thinking new idea to dance with this song.

Now it is No.1 in Many countries.

You can download the song from iTunes from here too

Harlem Shake Lyrics

Con los terroristas
Ey Shake
Ey Shake
Ey, Ey, Ey, Ey
Shake, Ta. Ta
And do the Harlem Shake
Ey Shake, Ey

Shake, Shake
Shake, Shake, Shake
Con los terroristas
Ey, Con los terroristas
Ey, Ey

Harlem Shake Meaning

The language of the song is using Spanish. I try to translate the whole song in here.

With the terrorists
Hey Shake
Hey Shake
Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey
Shake, Ta. Ta
And do the Harlem Shake
Shake Hey, Hey

Shake, Shake
Shake, Shake, Shake
With the terrorists
Hey, with terrorists
Hey, Hey

Harlem Shake Dance

Most of the Dance Video in Youtube is mostly 30 seconds. The 15 seconds first, once of the dance just shake and shake, and other people sitting around there or without any other people. After the 15 seconds, all the dance or people come out dance randomly or dance whatever they like.

Harlem Shake Original Album


Harlem Shake Famous Video


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  • Other Mother Teresa

    “with the TERRORISTS” ??? REALLY??

  • xMouseyDrakonisSweetsx

    “Con los terroristas” means with the terrorists if anyone is seriously wondering. =)

  • Jacob

    It would be ironic if the white house did the Harlem shake.

  • lg

    no dip

  • That Guy

    What terrorists? Are they targeting the US, WTF!!!

  • Cheryl

    what’s the meaning…..”with the terrorists”…meaning join them?

  • wereaper

    this song seriously sucks when I heard it and did not know it was famous I though it was shit and now that I now people buy into this stuff I think they have no good sense in music.

  • jamonster

    omg they are terrorist

  • theRandomOne

    OMG XD with the terrorists

  • Hello

    It must’ve been a mistranslate. “With the terrorists” doesn’t make sense. Though “terroristas” sounds a little like “terrorists.”

  • Mr. Troll

    Hmmmm sounds like osama’s sons are gonna do somethin

  • eve

    Literal translation: ‘With the terrorists’
    Loose translation: ‘My crew and I am about to terrorize the dance floor with our moves.
    bad choice of words tho

  • Camperjohn64

    @Hello It’s not a mistranslation, that’s why it makes me sick to hear this song.


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