How to mention someone on Instagram ?

How to mention someone on Instagram ?

What is Mention Someone in Instagram ?

Instagram is the most popular App in iOS. I would like to share some tips in here to let you mention their name while replying them in Instagram.

You can see, I can mention up to 5 users in comment, and this will notify them instantly.

How to mention someone on Instagram ?

To mention the user, you have to touch the user nickname and hold for 2 seconds, the menu will come up from the bottom.

  • Mention User
  • Go to User
  • Cancel
It will display the menu from the bottom, then tap for the Mention User.
Then comment will be display like @username
Then you can continue your comment.


Why I have to mention someone in Instagram ?

If you reply comment without mention them, they won’t notice that you reply to them, you have to mention their username, then he/she can see your reply in notification, and reply to you easily, then can communicate easily in Instagram.

How many people I can mention in Instagram ?

You can mention together up to 5 name in one reply comment, if you want to mention more that that, you have to reply in another comment. If you mention more than 5 people in a comment, the error will be displayed.
Error: You cannot mention more than 5 users in a comment

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