word racer cheat

Word Racer Solver Completed

Word Racer Solver Completed

I know this game has been appear in internet since 1999, but the game strategy almost same like Scramble with Friends. For me, I’m a part time programmer for my website, so I use the same source code as the Scramble with Friends, modify some input boxes, and finish the four rounds from the game.

What is Word Racer

Word Racer is a game developed by Yahoo! in 1999 for use on its Yahoo! Games page. The game play is similar to Boggle with some notable exceptions, especially the scoring and game board configurations.

Word Racer is an exciting, fun, and fast word game where up to eight players compete by creating words from various grids made up of letters. Once a player finds a word, no other players can use that word.

Each game consists of four rounds, each round lasting two minutes. With each round, the grid gets larger. The longer the word you find, the more points you get. For more details on the scoring system see the section on scoring. The winner is determined by who has the most points at the end of the fourth round. Once the fourth round is completed, a new game will start.

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Game URL: http://games.yahoo.com/play/ww&ss=1


Word Racer Cheat

Each game have 2 minutes, I think you have enough time to key in all the letters from the game to the board. Click the Submit, all the words with points will come out for you. Here is the image as tutorial.

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Word Racer Solver URL: Round 1 | Round 2 | Round 3 | Round 4

word racer cheat

How to not let them know you are not cheating ?

  • Don’t use those highest point words often, they may catch you.
  • Don’t get too much score.
  • Type in some random words from from the list.
  • Don’t win every game.


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