100 floors walkthrough

100 Floors Walkthrough

Last updated on September 6th, 2013 at 12:09 pm

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100 Floors Level 84

  1. Your finger timing must be very good
  2. Listen the sound for the correct button pressed
  3. Use 3 fingers, touch 3 Buttons together Blue+Red+Blue
  4. Use 1 finger, touch RED button
  5. Use 2 fingers, touch 2 BLUE buttons
  6. Use 3 fingers, touch 3 Buttons together Blue+Red+Blue
  7. The door will be open.

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100 floors level 84


94 thoughts on “100 Floors Walkthrough”

  1. You have to pusch the 5 blue button in this order (BE FAST!):

    Left side:

    2 3

    Right side:


  2. Turn on the light in the bottom right corner, put the metal sheet in inventory box 3 over the door, and click the symbols right to left, floor 23

  3. Mohammad Uddin

    Thanks for all the helps…
    I have passed this 18 floor ..
    try to Do this way…
    1.left top
    2.right bottom
    3.left bottom
    4.right top
    5.left middle
    thanks you have do it fast
    good luck :)

  4. For Floor 31 you have to unscrew the gold screws on that sign the turn it upright and the doors should open.(:

  5. 50 is exhausting… KeeP hitting and knocking with multiple fingers until green lights up more and more. Don’t stop until full green. Good luck!

  6. Level 50: what do you do on a door when you want to find out if anyone is home? Look at the symbol. Sometimes, once is not enough.

    Level 51: look at the sword. Look at the white squares. Look at the sword. Can u make the white squares look like the sword?

  7. Level 42 :
    1. Turn on the light by touching on the switch located at bottom right.
    2. Noticed the shapes on the door (at the door’s corners)
    3. Slide the door to open (left and right then top and bottem)
    4. Choose the correct shape you saw just now at the correct location.
    5. You can slide the doors to check if the shapes are correct.
    6. Door will open when all shapes are in order.

  8. for level 28 you touch twice touch 3 times hold and touch twice its all in th cicrles at the top

  9. how do i get past level 28 i get the touch hold pattern but i’ve been trying for 2 days now and it still won’t let me past am i missing something

  10. I cant solve 29
    I laied my phone on the table ,floor ,book
    and it doesnt work :S:s help ihave samsung galaxy 2

  11. I know for level 21 you are supposed to hold your phone just right but I can’t seem to get it. Any ideas? If I shake my phone the eye opens just for a second.

  12. I can nit get passed level 28 I keep doing it over and over but I can get passed it I got through before but I didn’t even mean too I dontknow how to/ again.

  13. level 55 u have to put the ipod/iphone on the table for like 5 sec nd when u tilt it u should see more blocks. try to to fit the shapes into the empty spaces

  14. okay i have a huawei ascend 2 and im stuck on level 4 ive tried to slide one finger to the left and the other to the right at the same time and it isnt working. HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!

  15. for level 28 you have to touch it 2 times and then wait and then touch it 3 times and then wait and then touch it 1 time and then wait and then touch it 2 times and then it should open

  16. Level 28, trying your solution, doesn’t work.
    Does we have to always keep the rainbow light open ? Like doing all the actions without the rainbow closing ?
    Does we have to wait the rainbow close before doing next action ?
    Does the ”hold” thing must also be with the rainbow on ?

  17. How do I get to lvl 41? I just finished lvl 40 and all it says is more coming soon… Is there something I have to do?

  18. I cannot get passed 28 i know the pattern but it wont work i dont know if im doing something wrong or what??

  19. Help!!!! I’ve been doing exactly what it says for level 28 and the door wont budge, please this is getting so frustrating I’ve tried it about 12 times now :(

  20. Ok, I am spinning the wrench on level 27 but it is not working. I really would like done help please.

  21. For level 27 push the fridge looking thing to the right and grab the item, then select the item (3) and stick it in the door and turn it clockwise.

  22. for 55 do you place your iPhone on a flat surface like a table cause when I do nothing happens

  23. Why do u guys ask how 2 solve a level when ur on a site that gives u instructions? if ur too lazy to click a couple of buttons, it’s not worth doing all the typing 4 the comment.

  24. I just couldn’t get the other blocks out.I followed the instructions & do it slowly. It just don’t come out. What’s wrong?

  25. @ level 30 my Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc doesn’t slide down to see the time and I cant pass the level…please help…

  26. on level 26…i’ve got the batteries in all the right places but my door isn’t opening. help! (phone is htc wildfire s)

  27. How do we get the updates? I’m to floor 40 and it just says more coming soon! What do I need to do?

  28. Mary Arrington

    I have done level 32 exactly right over and over and yet the for still wont open. Can you tell me what is going on? It’s Driving me nuts!!

  29. When I lay my android tablet down, nothing happens. The time on the bomb stays at 5. Is there another way to get the bomb to detonate?

  30. I don’t know how to get past level 71 :\ Anyone know a website that’s updated that far? I thought I knew how, but it’s not working, so I guess I’m wrong, lol…

  31. 71 was easy for me. Going clockwise, the order of the patterns is the same order you get when you keep tapping on the empty squares . So tsp on all three empty squares. Keep tapping on the left one until you get the pattern that follows the one just before it. Then go one pattern further on the second square , and one pattern further than that on the third square. I’m stuck on 73 myself.

  32. 71: all solid lines opposite the the 3 dashed lines, two solid lines on top with one dashed line at the bottom for the right side and for the left its 1 dashed line for the top and two solid lines at the bottom.

  33. Floor 32. So how would on have figured this out? Once I cheated and saw the solution the only clue I could figure out was the number of elevator floor lights above the door which is 12.


  34. Floor 32. How would one have figured this out. Once I cheated, the only clue I could figure out was the number of elevator door lights at the top of the door was 12.

    I’m very bad at solving such wooden puzzles!!!
    Can you provide step by step guide?

  36. Why don’t I have the knife in my inventory? I can’t pass this level because I don’t have the stupid knife…

  37. I know if I want to end level #40 I have to turn my phone down but my volume button is broke:( yea lol…smh but is there any other way to end it??? Help me…help me plz!

  38. Stuck on level 72. Tried about 25 times using the suggested solution. Nothing happens. Using a kindle fire. :0

  39. I can’t make the box!!Ughh…It’s hard ..I only have two blocks left but I can’t get them in their spot!

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