Dooors Answers

Last updated on August 14th, 2013 at 08:05 am

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Dooors Level 19

  1. Slide up the LEFT door
  2. Press the LEFT green Button
  3. Slide down the LEFT door
  4. Slide up the RIGHT door
  5. Press the RIGHT green Button
  6. Pick up the Orange at the RIGHT door
  7. Slide down the RIGHT door
  8. Throw the Orange to the Ceiling until become GREEN
  9. Slide the MIDDLE door
  10. Enter the door

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dooors level 19


16 thoughts on “Dooors Answers”

  1. I’m on door 28 & it doesn’t have balloons or volume. It has 3 circles on ea side of the door. Press them they turn green. Wats up that level?

  2. I am on level 28 and it doesn’t have volume I have 3 circles on each side of the door.  How do I get thru this level? I tried the volume controls but that didn’t work.

  3. Follow the pattern of selecting the dots.. How its been specified at the top. Simultaneously move the balloons from right to left

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