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Dooors Answers

Dooors Level 37

  1. Touch the Earth Globe
  2. The UV torch light is under the Earth Globe
  3. Pick up the UV Torch Light
  4. Use the UV Torch Light on the wall above the door
  5. You can see 5 countries there
  6. Australia,?Japan,?Italy, New Zealand, India
  7. Australia = Bottom half of the Earth
  8. Japan = Top half of the Earth
  9. Italy = Top half of the Earth
  10. New Zealand = Bottom Half of the Earth
  11. India = Top Half of the Earth
  12. So, touch the buttons beside the door
  14. The red light will turn to Green light
  15. Then you can enter to the door

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18 thoughts on “Dooors Answers”

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  3. I’m on door 28 & it doesn’t have balloons or volume. It has 3 circles on ea side of the door. Press them they turn green. Wats up that level?

  4. I am on level 28 and it doesn’t have volume I have 3 circles on each side of the door.  How do I get thru this level? I tried the volume controls but that didn’t work.

  5. Follow the pattern of selecting the dots.. How its been specified at the top. Simultaneously move the balloons from right to left

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