Stalker Room Escape 2

Stalker Room Escape 2 Walkthrough

Last updated on November 24th, 2012 at 11:16 pm

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Stalker Room Escape 2

By FireRabbit
This is a free (no ads!) 3D room escape game. This is part 2 of 3, so check out part 1 if you haven’t already. The goal is to escape captivity by discovering clues, solving puzzles, and finding and using objects in the room. This is a fun, light-to-moderately challenging game for new or experienced room escape game players alike. If you get stuck, a step-by-step walk through (with hints) will push you in the correct direction.

There are multiple endings, some bad, others good. But don’t worry; the game will auto-save your every move so you can always undo a step. Make sure to download the third and final part of this room escape trilogy when you are done!
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Stalker Room Escape 2 Download

Free: iPhone | iPad | iPod | Android | Windows Phone | Kindle
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Stalker Room Escape 2

If you have play the Stalker Room Escape version 1 before, you will love this game. The first version was too short, but this one is longer and harder and it is free. It is the continue version of the previous version, you can see the room that you’ve been escaped from there, the story is continue to here. After this you will go to the next version, the version 3. Support the original author and buy the version 3, then they can create some fun game for us.

Other version of Stalker Room Escape

  1. Stalker Room Escape 1
  2. Stalker Room Escape 2
  3. Stalker Room Escape 3 ( Working on … )

Stalker Room Escape 2 Walkthrough

I’ve wrote the Stalker Room Escape 1 Walkthrough in here. But I’ve no time to write the version 2 of Walkthrough. This time I would like to share the walkthrough of my friend, iPlay, he created Stalker Room Escape 2 Walkthrough very nice with instruction and print screen, and described in detail. All the links will go to his website.

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