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100 Doors Walkthrough for Android

Last updated on December 18th, 2013 at 03:54 am

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100 Doors Walkthrough for Android

Advance to the next floor by solving the puzzle!

  • Unlock the door to get the next level.
  • To do that, pinch, poke, shake, tilt, swipe the on-screen images, to find a way to solve the puzzles.
  • You can pick certain items up and use them from your inventory.

100 Doors for Android Review

This is most recent screen puzzle game for mobile phone. If you like the game 100 Doors, 100 Floors, 100 Exits, you will love this game too. Maybe it has so much puzzle copied from them, but many level still new to use. Try your best to solve this puzzle before viewing in here. I know there are the Guides provided by the author, but they do not describe the answer detail, some users still don’t understand and cannot solve some of the levels.

I would like to share these solutions to you, all the screen shot by my Samsung Galaxy S3, 720px x 1280px with high resolution screen shots for the answers of this game. Wish this answer can bring fun to you. Thank you.
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Download 100 Doors

Free: iPhone | iPad | iPod | Android | Windows Phone | Symbian | Blackberry

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100 Doors Walkthrough

100 Doors Level 1

  1. Press the Green Button
  2. Touch the Green Arrow to enter next doors

Next Level

100 Doors Walkthrough Level 1

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49 thoughts on “100 Doors Walkthrough for Android”

  1. I don’t get it either. One explanation was that predators and prey, and the
    Solution is lighting up the prey. However, what.about that beaver or otter?
    Isn’t it prey? Someone explain please this solution.

  2. This one isn’t logical. That blue is NOT cyan for starters. It’s sky blue. And saying “dark” is part of the name doesn’t make sense. So even if you DO know the exact names of colour shades, it’s wrong. If the names were on the screen, as in your example, I would have got this one. As it is, with the colours named incorrectly, it didn’t make sense as a word game; it looked like a colour mixing game. You’re not going to get it if you’re colour-blind, that’s for sure. Very bad “puzzle”. I’m an artist and also use computer inks and that is NOT cyan. The dark red isn’t called dark red either. To be logical, you must stick to just one chain of logic/rules, and this one doesn’t.

  3. Ok, this isn’t logical either. The mirrored double 7 is not accurate because of how the creator wrote it. I figured the answer was something stupid like this but when I tapped it in it didn’t work. Not the first puzzle where I got the answer right and it didn’t work first time. Turns out my device is not fully compatible so I can only play up to a certain level, then it’ll quit working. But still, some of these puzzles aren’t logical. It would appear that I’m not able to see the whole board on my device and sometimes the background clues don’t load, so it’s hard to tell what to do when you can’t see the clue. No wonder there are so many complaints about the lack of logic and viability, worst of all on my device. If you’ve got a Samsung Galaxy Ace, you’re in trouble, and if you’re genuinely logical, you’re also in trouble. :/ enrol play for a bit longer, but to be honest I’m now only doing it to see if the other complaints are valid too as I was going to pass this game on but I won’t be doing that now; not when it doesn’t work properly.

  4. Note to Samsung galaxy ace users – this level glitched badly on this device. You may have to exit and reload the entire app just to be able to see the puzzle and press the buttons. Even if you enter the “correct” answer, it may not work so reload the whole programme if that happens.
    Also, I once again do not agree with the “logic” of this level. The second set of 3 password lines are facing the wrong way. The “clues” can be taken 3 ways. Really, it’s the Creator’s Version of Logic, not real logic, though I see what he’s trying to get at.
    But bear in mind the fact that the answer may not work the first few times you try it even if you reload the level or whole game. You need to remember this for the whole game when using some devices because the app is full of glitches. :/

  5. This game does not work properly on all devices (such as the Samsung Galaxy Ace) so please bear that in mind if you’re playing this game. Once you get to a certain level, a glitch on that level will not allow you to pass and continue the game.
    Also remember that you may have to reload the levels and/or the entire app to make the puzzles show up or to be allowed to press the buttons (or for the game to recognise that you’ve shaken your device etc). Even if you get the answer correct, it may not work the first few times you input it.
    You will have to remember these glitches as you play on a fair few devices, and from Level 38 it may not work at all.
    This makes it even harder to play on top of the fact that the entire background/clue may not show on your device so you can’t see the clues. Also, if you stick to strict logic, you won’t win; remember it’s the Creator’s VERSION of “logic” you need to pass the levels.
    I hope this info helps people to pass without needing the Walkthrough as much or at least not get so frustrated that the app won’t accept your answer (even if it’s right by the Creator’s standards, though not necessarily logical).

  6. Even though I got the answer to this right without any hints, I’m not sure I get the idea. Is the idea that the player, an imaginary person we can’t see, can only walk through the door if you stop the blade, or you can’t cut your finger when you touch the screen, or what? By the way, your walkthrough says you have to trap the button twice before turning the device upside down – but when I played the level twice to check my own answer, you only need to turn the phone upside down then hut the button on the door. You don’t actually need to hut the button on the door while the phone is the right way up at all, as your instructions say. Maybe this is a difference between devices, but you don’t need to hit the door button at all until after you’ve turned the phone/tablet upside-down.

  7. I only looked at the walkthrough on this one out of curiosity as I passed a different way before I read this. On my device, I had to shake it to pass the level. My answer doesn’t match yours, but it works. (Hold phone in one hand, give it a good shake so the device is rocked left-right-left-right, and the bar drops away upwards. Pulling out on the screen with 2 fingers did nothing on my device as in your answer. I figure that, since the bar drops upwards, I have found a cheat, possibly through a glitch, for this level. But then, your answer didn’t work for me when I tested it. *shrug*)

  8. On Level 34 you got your explanation wrong, but your mistake is easy to spot so it’s ok. You wrote the Minus sign and you should have written the Plus sign. ;)

  9. K.sup everyone ..if anyone could help with a level I’d appreciate it..it doesn’t have or its not snowing the level number…but the stage has a long red arrow with blue on the bottom tip..and below are six stars u have to rotate..how do I arrange the stars to open…help pls..thank u

  10. As far as the blade level, all I had to do was turn my phone upside down then push the button….same with the bar across the door. …Motorola ATRIX….Alot of these levels I find it hard to see the creators logic. Sometimes I can see where he might be going but can’t quite make the connection. Even after seeing the cheat I still have to sit and figure before I can see how he was getting there. As far as the animals, maybe not necessarily predators but meat eaters??????

  11. Hmmm got door 53 open though not quite sure why bottom right flag is going to the right instead of the left. And 52?? What? Anything more logical than the colors at top, the arrow pointing to the pictures and the number of colors in the picture??

  12. @meh The cyan on this level is actually cyan. It is sky blue colour. Don’t pretend to be a smart arse and if you do at least don’t use terms like ‘computer inks’

  13. stuck on 24 too, the cheat isnt very helpful got the 13 and 21. what’s up with the numbers at top of screen

  14. Level 59 will not work after the latest update. have had game on my HTC Vivid for a while and passed this level. Recently added it to my Acer500 tablet but can’t pass this leveL. Retried on my phone and no go.

  15. can’t you all stop bitching about it. this page is not the makers of the game contact them this is just a help page.

  16. probably green ( emerald maybe) ‘cuz the door is Emerald green , the wood ‘cuz it’s made of wood, but god knows what is the third one ( I don’t know even what is this ) I cannot see something more logical than this… stupid level . and btw even using the cheat I can’t pass the level.

  17. its wrong in the picture. it should be 2 – 1 in the midle line and 1-3 in the lower line :)
    Then it will open :)

  18. This game is not based on logic, some of the solutions are just arbitrary clicks without any pattern, relevant clues or explanations…

  19. Level 59 does work. All you need to do is move the top one to the door.
    Then move the middle one to the door. then move the bottom one to
    the door and back again as you count to 5. then the door will open

  20. @Jordan Considering many of your walkthroughs are wrong, I’d be careful about who you say “don’t pretend to be a smartarse” to. Sorry that you got all offended at someone pointing out your mistakes but there was no need. The game has programming errors and some of your mistakes are mistakes only on some devices. Some just included unnecessary steps. Some were just wrong. Yes it’s not nice to work hard only to find you’ve included errors, but that’s no reason to get angry at someone who was trying to help you and future people who see this website walkthrough. I only came back to this walkthrough as I was checking which bookmarks I needed to delete, which includes this one, so I won’t be getting into an argument with you. Besides, if you want an argument then we will have it in my native language – and then we’ll see if there’s any point to complaining that you’ve used a phrase I don’t like (even if you got it correct). My guess is that you’re only complaining about those two words because you don’t speak British-English (plus you used “smartarse” as an insult and it’s not an insult in Britain). It’s quite petty even if that’s not the case so it doesn’t worry me. You’ve put in a lot of work so good luck correcting the bits you missed and figuring out the steps correctly with your future walkthroughs. I hope you learn how to take constructive criticism (also a british phrase I would like to believe you know) too and separate it from the belief you’re being insulted. Bye.

  21. Polly the Parrot is in ice twice, so put them in the middle. Add paper for tinder and wood for fuel. Then bang the 2 shells together to create a spark…

  22. linda dawkins-zelaya

    I have been working on level 24 for four days now, don’t want to give up, want to ‘press forward’. However, I have appeared to come to a halt… Using a windows phone ‘doors’ app, can you give a clue as to how I can complete this level so that I can move on???

  23. Need help with 33. Cheat says turn phone sideways and key will slide out but doesnt do it. I have an android please help

  24. OK I need help on door 81 im not sure how to get the spaces lined up so the red ball can go to the center then to the bottom

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