Reveal the Maze Walkthrough

Reveal the Maze Walkthrough for iPhone, iPad, iPod

Reveal the Maze

Have you ever been in a real maze?
Forget about all of the other maze games that you have seen before.
We invite you to a real maze experience.

While increasing your field of view with 13 different items and trying to get to the exit, avoid harmful items and earn points by collecting coins as much as possible.
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With the suggestions you will make on our website, you decide the concepts of the new maps.

Download Reveal the Maze

Download: iPhone | iPad | iPod | Android | Windows Phone | Blackberry | Symbian

Reveal the Maze Review

One of the best Maze game for iOS currently, there are 3 difficulties to select in game, Easy, Medium, Hard. The harder difficulty display smaller area viewing in the maps. You have to find out the way to the Ending Point. If you take all the stars you will have more points. Most of the levels provide some special items could help you pass the level easier. I’ve passed all the levels and screenshot them and bring you the location for every items.
Try your best before viewing the maps in here.
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Reveal the Maze Walkthrough

Reveal the Maze Level 1-1

Next Level

Reveal the Maze Level 1-1


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