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TV Show Quizzle Answers for iPhone, iPod, iPad

Last updated on October 4th, 2012 at 09:35 pm

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TV Show Quizzle

Name the TV Show. Talking dog. Talking baby. Seth Green. MacFarlane.

TV Show Quizzle Review

If you are TV Show fans, you should try this app games, it will remind you a lot of TV show you watch before. Most of the famous quotes appear in many TV shows. Try your best and answers those question and earn the top points. Wish you try your best before viewing the answers and solutions in here.

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TV Show Quizzle

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TV Show Quizzle Answers

  1. “You take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and then you have” ____—————The Facts of Life
  2. TV show theme song: What will we do baby, without us…sha-la-la-la!—————Family Ties
  3. TV show theme song: Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name. —————Cheers
  4. TV quote: Kiss my grits!—————Alice
  5. Name the show: Hawaii. Higgins. Sports car. Mustache.—————Magnum PI
  6. TV quote: Who Shot J.R.?—————Dallas
  7. TV quote: Book ’em, Danno!—————Hawaii 5-0
  8. Which show was a spin-off from Diff’rent Strokes?—————Facts of Life
  9. Name the show: Cliff. Theo. Rudy. Vanessa.—————The Cosby Show
  10. Name the show: Alex. Elise. Mallory. Steven.—————Family Ties
  11. Name the show: Samantha. Mona. Angela. Jonathan.—————Who’s the Boss?
  12. “If no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire”____—————The A-Team
  13. TV quote: Well, of course not, don’t be ridiculous—————Perfect Strangers
  14. TV quote: Let’s be careful out there—————Hill Street Blues
  15. TV quote: I hear you! —————Benson
  16. Name the show: Back in St. Olaf. Sicily. Blanche. Shady Pines, Ma!—————Golden Girls
  17. Name the show: Vermont. Inn. Julia Duffy. Larry, Darryl, and Darryl. —————Newhart
  18. Which show ended its run by showing it had all taken place in a child’s mind?—————St. Elsewhere
  19. TV show theme: As Long As We Got Each Other—————Growing Pains
  20. Which show ended by having the main character wake up in the actor’s previous show?—————Newhart
  21. TV quote: Right away Michael—————Knight Rider
  22. Jerry Seinfeld played the governor’s joke writer on which show?—————Benson
  23. Which TV show portrayed two female NYC police detectives?—————Cagney and Lacey
  24. Which TV show did NOT take place in New York City?—————Who’s the Boss?
  25. Name the show: Harry. Bull. Dan Felding. Roz.—————Night Court
  26. Which long-running show did NOT premiere in the 1980s?—————Happy Days
  27. Name the show: Dennis Booker. Tom Hanson. Adam Fuller. Judy Hoffs.—————21 Jump Street
  28. Molly Ringwald appeared in the first season of which show?—————Facts of Life
  29. Which show featured a half-alien teen with the ability to pause time?—————Out of This World
  30. Courtney Cox played Alex P. Keaton’s girlfriend on which show?—————Family Ties
  31. Name the show: Chicago. Distant cousins. Sheepherder. Larry.—————Perfect Strangers
  32. Name the show: Ex-model. Private detective. Bruce. Cybill.—————Moonlighting
  33. Which show featured a character named Detective Sergeant Dee Dee McCall?—————Hunter
  34. Which show portrayed a struggling actor who taught a high school gifted class?—————Head of the Class
  35. Which show was a spin-off of the 1970s comedy “Soap”?—————Benson
  36. Name the show: Stuntman. Bounty hunter. Nephew. Heather Thomas.—————The Fall Guy
  37. Name the show: Kip. Henry. Dressing as women. Susan B. Anthony Hotel.—————Bosom Buddies
  38. Which show showed that Bobby Ewing’s death was really a dream?—————Dallas
  39. Which show featured a diner waitress who hopes to be a singer?—————Alice
  40. Which show is a spin-off of Dallas?—————Knots Landing
  41. Which show was set in Boston?—————Cheers
  42. Which show began as “Good Morning, Miss Bliss” and starred Hayley Mills?—————Saved by the Bell
  43. Name the show: Bo. Uncle Jesse. Boss Hogg. Daisy. —————The Dukes of Hazzard
  44. Leonardo DiCaprio had a role as a homeless boy named Luke in which show?—————Growing Pains
  45. On Seinfeld, George’s voicemail greeting was set to which 1980s theme song?—————Greatest American Hero
  46. Which show is NOT a spin-off from another show?—————Family Ties
  47. Name the show: Alien. The Tanners. Melmac. Cats beware.—————ALF
  48. TV show theme: Your heart is true; you’re a pal and a confidant.—————Golden Girls
  49. TV show theme: A brand new life around the bend.—————Who’s the Boss?
  50. Love and tradition of the grand design, some people say it’s even harder to find—————Family Matters
  51. TV show theme: “Everywhere you look, there’s a heart, a hand to hold on to.”—————Full House
  52. TV show theme: “I’m at the corner just in time to see the bus fly by.”—————Saved by the Bell
  53. “Lend me your ears and I’ll sing you a song, I will try not to sing out of key.”—————The Wonder Years
  54. Which show is based on the British comedy “Man About the House”?—————Three’s Company
  55. Name the show: Lawyer. Deacon. Philadelphia. Sherman Hemsley—————Amen
  56. TV quote: Whatcha talking about Willis?—————Diff’rent Strokes
  57. Which show featured a robot girl named Vicki?—————Small Wonder
  58. Which show was originally called “Life and Stuff”?—————Roseanne
  59. Name the show: Dr. Harry Weston. David Leisure. Daughters. Dreyfuss.—————Empty Nest
  60. Which show featured Jane Curtin sharing an apartment with her friend and kids?—————Kate and Allie
  61. Name the show: Atlanta. Anthony. Suzanne. Sugarbakers.—————Designing Women
  62. Name the show: Ann Romano. Julie. Barbara. Schneider.—————One Day at a Time
  63. Soleil Moon Frye starred in which sitcom?—————Punky Brewster
  64. TV theme: Sclemeel, schlemazel, hasenfeffer incorporated. —————Laverne and Shirley
  65. TV theme: We’re movin’ on up!—————The Jeffersons
  66. TV quote: Cut that jibba jabba!—————The A-Team
  67. Nell Carter starred in which TV sitcom?—————Gimme a Break
  68. Before Seinfeld, Julia Louis-Dreyfus starred in which short-lived sitcom?—————Day by Day
  69. “Just the Ten of Us” is a spin-off of which show?—————Growing Pains
  70. Heather Locklear was on Dynasty in the 1980s as well as which other show?—————T.J. Hooker
  71. Donna Reed briefly played Miss Ellie Ewing on which show?—————Dallas
  72. Name the show: Ricky Stratton. Rich dad. Lots of toys. Kate.—————Silver Spoons
  73. TV theme: Would you like to swing on a star?—————Out of This World
  74. Which show featured an English butler hired as a nanny to an American family?—————Mr. Belvedere
  75. Before Mad About You, Paul Reiser starred in which 1980s TV show?—————My Two Dads
  76. Harry Anderson played an unconventional NYC judge on which show?—————Night Court
  77. Name the show: Sonny Crockett. Sailboat. Shoes without socks. Elvis the alligator.—————Miami Vice
  78. TV theme: Who could it be? Believe it or not it’s just me. —————Greatest American Hero
  79. TV quote: Da plane! Da plane!—————Fantasy Island
  80. TV theme: Been in trouble with the law since the day they was born—————The Dukes of Hazzard
  81. TV theme: Set a course for adventure. Your mind on a new romance.—————Love Boat
  82. Name the show: Blair. Jo. Tootie. Mrs. Garrett.—————The Facts of Life
  83. TV theme: Come and knock on our door. We’ve been waiting for you.—————Three’s Company
  84. TV quote: Nanu Nanu—————Mork and Mindy
  85. Over 105 million Americans watched the final episode of which show in 1983?—————MASH
  86. TV theme: Baby, remember my name—————Fame
  87. Name the show: Jack. Chrissy. Furley. Regal Beagle.—————Three’s Company
  88. TV last line: So, five card stud, nothing wild. And the sky’s the limit.—————Star Trek: the Next Generation
  89. Which series ended with a town being blown up by its own citizens?—————Little House on the Prairie
  90. Which show featured very liberal parents and their Republican son?—————Family Ties
  91. Which show later changed its title to “The Ted Knight Show”?—————Too Close for Comfort
  92. Name the show: Question round. Big Board round. Spin. Whammy!—————Press Your Luck
  93. Name the show: Gobo. Red. Doozers. Trash Heap. —————Fraggle Rock
  94. “The Jeffersons” is a spin-off of which show?—————All in the Family
  95. Tracey Gold’s sister, Missy, played the governor’s daughter on which show?—————Benson
  96. Which show portrayed a boy and his adoptive parents Ma’am and George?—————Webster
  97. Jay Leno was a guest star on which show?—————Laverne and Shirley
  98. Mork and Mindy was a spin-off of which show?—————Happy Days
  99. Shannon Doherty played Laura’s niece on which show?—————Little House on the Prairie
  100. Which show was the story of a girl left by her mother at the grocery store?—————Punky Brewster
  101. Elizabeth was the “Starchild” on which show?—————V
  102. Gary Gnu was a character on which show?—————The Great Space Coaster
  103. Which show started each episode with “Hey you guys!”—————The Electric Company
  104. Tom Hanks played an uncle on which show?—————Family Ties
  105. What show was a spin-off of Transformers?—————Go-Bots
  106. Kirk Cameron’s sister Candace starred on which show?—————Full House
  107. Which show portrayed the lives of vineyard owners?—————Falcon Crest
  108. What was the name of the short-lived spin-off of Three’s Company?—————Three’s a Crowd
  109. “MathNet” was a segment on which show?—————Square One
  110. Name the show: Brothers. Rick and AJ. Boat. Power Wagon.—————Simon and Simon
  111. Living Dolls is a spin-off of which show?—————Who’s the Boss?
  112. Jason Bateman played Ricky’s best friend on which show?—————Silver Spoons
  113. Jason Bateman’s sister Justine starred on which show?—————Family Ties
  114. Which show dropped slime on the actors whenever they said “I don’t know”?—————You Can’t Do That on Television
  115. Alanis Morrissette starred in which 1980s TV show?—————You Can’t Do That on Television
  116. Flo was a spin-off if which TV show?—————Alice
  117. Jason Bateman played Matt Burton in which show?—————It’s Your Move
  118. Sarah Jessica Parker played a high school nerd in which show?—————Square Pegs
  119. Marisa Tomei played a college student in the first season of which show?—————A Different World
  120. Which 80s show portrayed twin sisters with opposite personalities?—————Double Trouble
  121. Name the show: NYC roommates. Preppy lawyer. Slob. Pretty maid.—————We Got it Maid
  122. Before starring on Melrose Place, Jamie Luner was on which TV show?—————Just the Ten of Us
  123. Bob Saget was host of which TV show?—————America’s Funniest Home Videos
  124. Which show was the first series to have a major character with Down Syndrome?—————Life Goes On
  125. Name the show: Pattie LuPone. Kellie Martin. Corky. Arnold the dog.—————Life Goes On
  126. TV quote: Oh, boy!—————Quantum Leap
  127. Name the show: Sam. Al. Traveling through time. Bodies of others.—————Quantum Leap
  128. Neil Patrick Harris played a doctor in which show?—————Doogie Howser, MD
  129. Name the show: Teen doctor. Computer diary. Vinnie. Wanda.—————Doogie Howser, MD
  130. TV quote: …and remember, you can make a difference.—————America’s Most Wanted
  131. John Walsh hosts which true life crime show?—————America’s Most Wanted
  132. TV theme: On the playground was where I spent most of my days—————Fresh Prince of Bel Air
  133. Which show features a ticking stopwatch?—————60 Minutes
  134. TV quote: I like school. It’s just too bad classes get in the way.—————Saved by the Bell
  135. TV quote: You robbed an international house of pancakes. How waffle. —————Night Court
  136. which show featured a married couple that solved mysteries?—————Hart to Hart
  137. Robert Stack was host to which true life show?—————Unsolved Mysteries
  138. Name the show: Mystery writer. Amateur Detective. Jessica. Cabot Cove.—————Murder, She Wrote
  139. Angela Lansbury starred as Jessica Fletcher in which show?—————Murder, She Wrote
  140. Which show is a spin-off of MASH?—————Trapper John, MD
  141. Gloria is a spin-off of which show?—————All in the Family
  142. Name the show: Pink squirrel. Carole and Paula. The Magic Tree. The Story Box.—————The Magic Garden
  143. Which show featured a mischievous pink squirrel with a love for peanuts?—————The Magic Garden
  144. TV quote: Magic Mirror, tell me today, have all my friends had fun at play?—————Romper Room
  145. Which show is NOT a spin-off from All in the Family?—————Three’s Company
  146. The Colbys was a spin-off from which nighttime soap?—————Dynasty
  147. Which show was a spin-off from The Golden Girls?—————Empty Nest
  148. Nurses was a spin-off of which show?—————Empty Nest
  149. Name the show: Robot girl. Nosy neighbors. Jamie. Crush.—————Small Wonder
  150. Name the show: Angel. Ex-cop. Miracles. Michael Landon.—————Highway to Heaven
  151. Name the show: Grandfather. Witherspoons. Wilford Brimley. Shannon Doherty.—————Our House
  152. Name the show: Judd Hirsch. Divorce. One Two One Club. Wife leaves for best friend.—————Dear John
  153. Name the show: St. Gregory. San Francisco. Romance. Victoria Cabot.—————Hotel
  154. Name the show: Dead mother. Three men. Three kids. How rude!—————Full House
  155. Name the show: Former baseball player. Bar. Boston. Sam and Diane.—————Cheers
  156. Name the show: Baby boomers. Yuppies. Steadmans. Cultural impact.—————Thirtysomething
  157. Name the show: Amateur dancers. Disco. Competition. Adrian Zmed.—————Dance Fever
  158. Name the show: Lip synching. Competition. Allen Fawcett. Contestant Kato Kaelin. —————Puttin’ on the Hits
  159. Name the show: Mel’s Diner. Flo. Widowed mother. Phoenix.—————Alice
  160. Name the show: Steven Spielberg. Short stories. Famous directors. Host Ray Walston.—————Amazing Stories
  161. Name the show: Siskel. Ebert. Critics. Film reviews. —————At the Movies
  162. Name the show: Catherine. Vincent. Tunnel World. Linda Hamilton.—————Beauty and the Beast
  163. Name the show: Butler. Governor’s mansion. German housekeeper. Robert Guillaume.—————Benson
  164. Which show featured the characters Pop and Kit?—————The Cavenaughs
  165. Name the show: Scott Baio. Male nanny. Busy couple. Three kids. —————Charles in Charge
  166. Name the show: Dana Delaney. Nurses. Vietnam. 60s music.—————China Beach
  167. Maury Povich hosted which tabloid news show?—————A Current Affair
  168. Name the show: 1960s. Chicago. Dennis Farina. Major Crime Unit. —————Crime Story
  169. Which TV show was NOT a 1980s movie first?—————21 Jump Street
  170. Jim Carrey starred as a cartoonist in which short-lived sitcom?—————Duck Factory
  171. Which game show required participants to perform often messy stunts?—————Double Dare
  172. Name the show: Ricardo Montalban. Tattoo. Love. Planes.—————Fantasy Island
  173. In 1988 which show became the first primetime news hour in 17 years?—————48 Hours
  174. Michael Jackson’s video for Thriller debuted on which show?—————Friday Night Videos
  175. Name the show: Nell. Katie. Julie. Samantha.—————Gimme a Break
  176. Name the show: Psychiatrist. Long Island. Chrissy. Mike.—————Growing Pains
  177. Name the show: High school. The nerd. The rich girl. The 12 year old genius.—————Head of the Class
  178. Which show was the first American series to film an episode in Moscow?—————Head of the Class
  179. Which show teams a Southern sheriff with a black detective from the North?—————In the Heat of the Night
  180. Which show portrayed five waitresses at a fancy LA restaurant?—————It’s a Living
  181. Name the show: Unconventional. Neurotic comic. Actor as himself. Break the 4th wall.—————It’s Gary Shandling’s Show
  182. Jon-Erik Hexum accidently shot himself while filming an episode of which show?—————Cover-Up
  183. Whammies appear in which game show?—————Press Your Luck
  184. Which daytime soap featured the couple Luke and Laura?—————General Hospital
  185. Paul Reubens’s alter ego was the star of which show?—————Pee Wee’s Playhouse
  186. Kevin Arnold was the main character on which show?—————The Wonder Years
  187. Allyce Beasley played Miss Dipesto on which show?—————Moonlighting
  188. Which was President Ronald Reagan’s favorite show?—————Family Ties
  189. Jane Wyman had a role as Angela Channing on which primetime soap opera?—————Falcon Crest
  190. Which show was inspired by an article in The New Yorker?—————Taxi
  191. Which musical show portrayed a rich man who adopts several orphaned girls?—————Rags to Riches
  192. Which show teams a retired judge with an ex-convict to bring the guilty to justice?—————Hardcastle & McCormick
  193. Former Detroit Lions player Alex Karras starred on which show?—————Webster
  194. TV theme: Her spirit’s lifting me right off the ground, what’s gonna be?—————Punky Brewster
  195. Geraldo Rivera got his nose broken on which show?—————Geraldo
  196. Isaac Washington is the name of the bartender on which show?—————Love Boat
  197. KITT is a character on which show?—————Knight Rider
  198. “The General Lee” was the name of a car in which show?—————The Dukes of Hazzard
  199. What popular talk show went national in 1986?—————The Oprah Winfrey Show
  200. TV catch phrase: Wa Wa Wa—————Happy Days
  201. TV catch phrase: Did I do that? —————Family Matters
  202. Name the show: Puddy. The Contest. Festivus. Vandalay Industries.—————Seinfeld
  203. Name the show: Just Jack. New York. Stan. Anastasia Beaverhausen. —————Will and Grace
  204. Which show is a spin-off from Cheers?—————Frasier
  205. Lea Thompson played a NYC cartoonist in which sitcom?—————Caroline in the City
  206. Name the show: Paul. Jamie. Murray. Marriage.—————Mad About You
  207. Name the show: Tom. Dick. Harry. Big Giant Head.—————Third Rock from the Sun
  208. TV theme: She had style, she had flair, she was there.—————The Nanny
  209. Name the show: Green. Geller. Buffay. Bing. —————Friends
  210. Baywatch star Pamela Anderson first appeared on which TV show?—————Home Improvement
  211. Jennifer Grey was cast as herself on which TV show?—————It’s Like, You Know
  212. Name the show: Seattle. Roz. Niles. Psychiatrist.—————Frasier
  213. Which show portrayed daily life at Cook County Hospital?—————ER
  214. Name the show: Cory. Mr. Feeney. Shawn. Topanga.—————Boy Meets World
  215. Which show features a sports writer and his family living on Long Island?—————Everybody Loves Raymond
  216. Name the show: Brenda. Kelly. Dylan. Peach Pit.—————Beverly Hills 90210
  217. TV theme: Scrambled eggs all over my face. What is a boy to do?—————Frasier
  218. TV theme: The milkman, the paperboy, evening TV.—————Full House
  219. TV theme: I know my parents love me, stand behind me come what may.—————A Different World
  220. TV theme: I’ll Be There for You.—————Friends
  221. TV tagline: Trust No One—————The X-Files
  222. TV quote: Don’t have a cow, man.—————Simpsons
  223. Name the show: Capeside, Ma. Pacey. Joey. Jen.—————Dawson’s Creek
  224. TV quote: We were on a break.—————Friends
  225. TV quote: Whoa!!—————Blossom
  226. Which show’s character was criticized by Dan Quayle?—————Murphy Brown
  227. Name the show: Winfred-Louder. Tavern. Cleveland. Mimi.—————The Drew Carey Show
  228. Which Real World season aired first?—————Real World: New York
  229. Name the show: Boston. Lawyers. Love. Dancing baby.—————Ally McBeal
  230. TV tag line: Who Killed Laura Palmer?—————Twin Peaks
  231. After Family Ties, Michael J. Fox starred as deputy mayor in which show?—————Spin City
  232. Debra Messing starred with Thomas Haden Church on which show?—————Ned and Stacey
  233. Name the show: Bill McNeal. Jimmy James. Dave Nelson. Beth.—————News Radio
  234. TV last lines: How’s Annie? How’s Annie?—————Twin Peaks
  235. TV last lines: I love you. I love you all. Class dismissed.—————Boy Meets World
  236. TV last lines: Alright, hey, you’ve been great! See you in the cafeteria!—————Seinfeld
  237. TV last lines: You know, Stephen King started this way.—————Roseanne
  238. Name the show: Law firm. Relationships. Surprising twists. Elevator shaft.—————LA Law
  239. Linda Cardellini starred in which teen TV show before ER?—————Freaks and Geeks
  240. Lisa Kudrow played Ursula on Friends and which other show?—————Mad About You
  241. George Clooney did NOT have a part on which show?—————Melrose Place
  242. TV quote: Not the mama!—————Dinosaurs
  243. Which kid show featured superheroes with vehicles that turned into animals?—————Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
  244. Jenny McCarthy helped people get a date in which show?—————Singled Out
  245. HIV-positive Pedro Zamora appeared on which reality show?—————The Real World
  246. Tickle Me Elmos were tossed into the studio audience of which show?—————The Rosie O’Donnell Show
  247. TV quote: Take care of yourself, and each other—————The Jerry Springer Show
  248. Which show was limited to 37 off-color phrases per show?—————NYPD Blue
  249. In 1996 a shoplifter surrendered to two stars of which show?—————Homicide: Life on the Streets
  250. 80 million viewers watched which show’s finale in 1993?—————Cheers
  251. TV theme: Let’s take each other’s hand as we jump in to the Final Frontier.—————Mad About You
  252. TV theme: As days go by, it’s the bigger love of the family. —————Family Matters
  253. TV theme: This I tell ya brother, you can’t have one without the other.—————Married…with Children
  254. TV theme: It’s my life and my dream, nothing’s going to stop me now.—————Perfect Strangers
  255. Which game show featured contestants going on a date while cameras filmed?—————Blind Date
  256. Louie Anderson is the host of the revival of which game show?—————Family Feud
  257. Name the show: Alan Thicke. Board game. Two teams. Draw pictures.—————Pictionary
  258. Which game required contestants to exchange gifts in a mall for the final round?—————Shop Till You Drop
  259. Name the show: Jimmy Kimmel. 10 question challenge. $5000. Ferris Bueller actor.—————Win Ben Stein’s Money
  260. Which talk show is infamous for the murder of one guest by another after taping?—————Jenny Jones
  261. Which talk show lasted only two weeks?—————The Chevy Chase Show
  262. Which popular talk show ended on September 1, 1995?—————Donahue
  263. Which show featured a character shooting himself by accident in a special episode?—————Beverly Hills 90210
  264. Paula Cole sang the theme to which show?—————Dawson’s Creek
  265. Name the show: Walter Skinner. The Smoking Man. Samantha. The Lone Gunmen.—————The X-Files
  266. Name the show: Atlanta. Gray suit. Defense law. Andy Griffith.—————Matlock
  267. Name the show: Police. Don Johnson. Cheech Marin. Plymouth Barracuda convertible. —————Nash Bridges
  268. TV quote: What happens when people stop being polite and start getting real.—————The Real World
  269. Which show began as a TV exec’s video Christmas card to 80 friends?—————South Park
  270. TV’s first black superhero appeared on which show?—————M.A.N.T.I.S.
  271. Powdered Toast Man is a character from which show?—————Ren and Stimpy
  272. Name the show: Moon Over Parma. 5 O’clock World. Cleveland Rocks. Craig Ferguson.—————The Drew Carey Show
  273. Name the show: Portal. Alternative Earths. “Q-Ball”. Wade.—————Sliders
  274. Name the show: Jane Krakowski. Courtney Thorne-Smith. Lucy Liu. Calista Flockhart.—————Ally McBeal
  275. Which show ends with a contest at Kitchen Stadium?—————Iron Chef
  276. On which show did Scott Bakula sometimes portray real people such as Dr.Ruth?—————Quantum Leap
  277. Which characters are “so sweet and addictive” to children?—————Teletubbies
  278. Name the show: Western town. Doctor. Native Americans. Byron Sully. —————Dr Quinn, Medicine Woman
  279. Jimmy Smits had a lead role on NYPD Blue and which other show?—————LA Law
  280. Bette Midler played a secretary in one episode of which show?—————Murphy Brown
  281. Which show took place in Rome, Wisconsin?—————Picket Fences
  282. Which show was scheduled for five hours each week by 1999?—————Dateline NBC
  283. Which show took place at 10 Stigwood Avenue in Brooklyn?—————The Cosby Show
  284. Name the show: Maris. Cafe Nervosa. Roz. Radio show.—————Frasier
  285. Which show had the first actor to earn $1 million per episode?—————Seinfeld
  286. Name the show: Mujibar. Sirajul. Stupid Pet Tricks. Top Ten List.—————Late Night with David Letterman
  287. Ricky Martin had a role on which soap opera in the 1990s?—————General Hospital
  288. Name the show: Mr. Pointy. Dingoes Ate My Baby. Willow. Dawn.—————Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  289. Which show features characters with AC-DC and Metallica on their T-shirts?—————Beavis and Butt-head
  290. TV tagline: the most important television show ever—————The Daily Show
  291. TV quote: Black as the midnight without a moonlight—————Twin Peaks
  292. Carmen Electra replaced Jenny McCarthy as host of which show?—————Singled Out
  293. Name the show: Quentin Kelly. Patrick Kelly. Libby Kelly. Nadine and Wade.—————Grace Under Fire.
  294. Conan O’Brien is a former writer for which show?—————Simpsons
  295. TV quote: You’ll be livin’ in a van down by the river.—————Saturday Night Live
  296. TV quote: Get out!—————Seinfeld
  297. Detective Bobby Simone’s death was the focus of 5 episodes of which show?—————NYPD Blue
  298. Which soap opera ended its 35 year run in the 1990s?—————Another World
  299. Name the show: Gypsy. Tom Servo. Crow. Joel. —————Mystery Science Theater 3000
  300. What show features a brother and sister from two different species?—————Cow and Chicken
  301. David Duchovny played a transvestite DEA agent on which show?—————Twin Peaks
  302. What TV show shot its cast into orbit on the Satellite of Love?—————Mystery Science Theater 3000
  303. Which show featured a power-mad TV host and a neighbor whose face you never saw?—————Home Improvement
  304. Name the show: Chairry. Clocky. Conky the Robot. Reba the Mail Lady.—————Pee-Wee’s Playhouse
  305. TV quote: I’m glamorizing single motherhood? What planet is he on?—————Murphy Brown
  306. Which show had an episode with Willie Brown, John McEnroe, and Mr. T playing poker?—————Suddenly Susan
  307. Morty the Moose was paid $5000 to be in which show’s credits?—————Northern Exposure
  308. Name the show: Donatello. Leonardo. Michelangelo. Raphael.—————The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
  309. TV theme: Stop all your fussin’, slap on a smile.—————Blossom
  310. TV theme: Some people stand in the darkness.—————Baywatch
  311. “Lady Madonna” was used as the theme song to which show?—————Grace Under Fire
  312. TV theme: How do you hold her close to where you are?—————The Heights
  313. John Popper of Blues Traveler sang the theme in the last season of which show?—————Roseanne
  314. Benjamin Sisko was Captain in which Star Trek series?—————Deep Space Nine
  315. Which military courtroom drama was on NBC for 3 seasons before moving to CBS?—————JAG
  316. Tawny Kitaen was co-host of which TV show?—————America’s Funniest People
  317. Name the show: Six friends. Brooklyn. Kim Coles. Queen Latifah.—————Living Single
  318. Name the show: LL Cool J. Alfonso Ribeiro. Maia Campbell. Debbie Allen.—————In the House
  319. Name the show: Sheriff Brock. Dr. Jill Brock. Henry Bone. Fyvush Finkel.—————Picket Fences
  320. Which show is considered the first reality based show?—————An American Family
  321. After three’s Company, Suzanne Somers starred in which show?—————Step by Step
  322. Name the show: Stuart Markowitz. Grace Van Owen. Jonathan Rollins Victor Sifuentes.—————LA Law
  323. In which show do two brothers try to run a business on Nantucket?—————Wings
  324. Name the show: Dipsy. La La. Po. Tinky Winky.—————The Teletubbies
  325. Name the show: Lawyer. Interior Designer. Gay men. Adler.—————Will and Grace
  326. Bette Midler sang to the host of which show on his last day?—————The Tonight Show
  327. Name the show: York. Hobbes. Jones. Bradshaw.—————Sex and the City
  328. TV quote: Holy crap!—————Everybody Loves Raymond
  329. Name the show: Oh my God, they killed Kenny!—————South Park
  330. TV quote: Food that’s pretty good.—————Beavis and Butt-head
  331. “Teenage Wasteland” was the original title of which show?—————That 70s Show
  332. Brad Garrett played an unstable mechanic in an episode of which show?—————Seinfeld
  333. TV theme: And we’ll be better, the second time around.—————Step by Step
  334. “… seduction, backstabbing, betrayal, murder…it’s just another day at____”—————Melrose Place
  335. Which show is considered the longest running sci-fi show in history?—————Stargate SG-1
  336. Ellen DeGeneres came out as a lesbian on which show?—————Ellen
  337. Besides voicing Family Guy’s Lois, Alex Borstein was a cast member on which show?—————MadTV
  338. Which sketch comedy show premiered in the 1990s as competition for SNL?—————MadTV
  339. Name the show: Hank. Peggy. Bobby. Luanne.—————King of the Hill
  340. TV quote: I sell propane and propane accessories. —————King of the Hill
  341. Name the show: Angel. Animal. Wimp. Genius.—————Herman’s Head
  342. Which show portrayed the inner mind of the lead as four separate characters?—————Herman’s Head
  343. Which reality show originally began in the Netherlands?—————Big Brother
  344. Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?—————SpongeBob Squarepants
  345. Name the show: Patrick Duffy. Suzanne Somers. The Fosters. The Lamberts.—————Step by Step
  346. Which family show often mirrored episodes of The Brady Bunch?—————Step by Step
  347. TV theme: We’re zany to the max, there’s baloney in our slacks.—————Animaniacs
  348. Name the show: Slappy. Buttons. Rita. Pinky and the Brain.—————Animaniacs
  349. Maxwell Sheffield hires Fran in which show?—————The Nanny
  350. Name the show: Tim Reid. Jackee Harry. Tia. Tamera.—————Sister, Sister
  351. Which show’s premise is similar to “The Parent Trap”?—————Sister, Sister
  352. “Friends” and which other show portrays the single lives of six friends?—————Living Single
  353. TV theme: Even though I’m glad to be with ya, I’ve got to feel what’s real for me.—————Sister, Sister
  354. Name the show: Enrique. Rayanne. Jordan. Angela.—————My So-Called Life
  355. Name the show: Central Perk. Marcel. Paleontologist. The Rachel.—————Friends
  356. Name the show: Ovaltine. The Moops. Yadda, yadda, yadda. Cosmo.—————Seinfeld
  357. Juliana Marguiles was supposed to die in the pilot of which show?—————ER
  358. Which show’s theme has been described as an “ominous chung CHUNG”?—————Law and Order
  359. TV quote: the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups.—————Law and Order
  360. Monica brings messages of hope from God to troubled people in which show?—————Touched by an Angel
  361. Name the show: Monica. Tess. Cases. Angel of Death.—————Touched by an Angel
  362. Promised Land was a spin-off of which show?—————Touched by an Angel
  363. Name the show: Sarah Reeves. Family restaurant. Dead parents. Salingers. —————Party of Five
  364. The BoDeans’ song “Closer To Free” was the theme to which show?—————Party of Five
  365. James Lipton hosts which interview show?—————Inside the Actors Studio
  366. Bobcat Goldthwait voiced Mr. Floppy in which TV show?—————Unhappily Ever After
  367. Name the show: Jennie. Ryan. Nikki Cox. Mr. Floppy.—————Unhappily Ever After
  368. Madeline Kahn portrayed the neighbor on which show up until her death?—————Cosby
  369. After Cheers, Kirstie Alley starred in which show?—————Veronica’s Closet
  370. Jean-Luc Picard was Captain in which Star Trek series?—————The Next Generation
  371. At the end of which show does Sam continue “to fix what once went wrong”?—————Quantum Leap
  372. TV quote: Resistance is futile. You will be assimilated.—————The Next Generation
  373. Four aliens come to survey life on Earth in which show?—————Third Rock from the Sun
  374. Name the crime show: Anita Van Buren. Abby Carmichael. Lenny Briscoe. NYC.—————Law and Order
  375. Name the crime show: Olivia. Fin Tutuola. Alex Cabot. Munch.—————SVU
  376. TV theme: Thank you for being a friend.—————The Golden Girls
  377. TV beginning: Theorizing that one could time travel within his own lifetime…—————Quantum Leap
  378. Staci Keanan starred as Paul Reiser’s daughter in whch show?—————My Two Dads
  379. Valerie Harper’s character is killed in a car accident in which show?—————The Hogan Family
  380. Name the show: Mayim Bialik. Joey Lawrence. Jenna Von Oy. Six.—————Blossom
  381. Will Smith moves from Philadelphia to California in which show?—————Fresh Prince of Bel Air
  382. Name the show: Paul. Wayne. Norma. Kevin.—————The Wonder Years
  383. Name the show: Hilda. Harvey. Zelda. Salem.—————Sabrina the Teenage Witch
  384. In which show does Cory live next door to his teacher?—————Boy Meets World
  385. Which show is about three sisters who find out that they are witches?—————Charmed
  386. Mike Seaver is a character on which show?—————Growing Pains
  387. Which crime drama was set in Baltimore?—————Homicide: Life on the Street
  388. Name the show: Al. Peggy. Buck. Marcy D’Arcy.—————Married…with Children
  389. Name the show: Dave Foley. Maura Tierney. Andy Dick. Phil Hartman.—————NewsRadio
  390. Kathy Griffin was a cast member of which show?—————Suddenly Susan
  391. TV quote: Tim The Tool Man Taylor—————Home Improvement
  392. Name the show: How you doing? Oh…my God! The Snowman Song. Smelly Cat.—————Friends
  393. “The Hogan Family” was originally known as “Valerie” and then what?—————Valerie’s Family
  394. Name the show: Former stock broker. Teenage daughters. School teacher. Kids.—————Drexell’s Class
  395. TV quote: What if you could travel to a parallel universe?—————Sliders
  396. Valerie Bertinelli was added to the cast with Roma Downey in which show?—————Touched by an Angel
  397. What series is about a pizza guy frozen in 1999?—————Futurama
  398. Ray, Frank, Marie, Debra and Robert Barone are a family in which show?—————Everybody Loves Raymond
  399. Dr. Amanda Bently, Detective Steve Sloan & Norman Briggs are on which show?—————Diagnosis: Murder
  400. Diagnosis: Murder is a spin-off of which show?—————Jake and the Fatman
  401. Charlie Sheen replaced Michael J. Fox on which show?—————Spin City
  402. Name the show: San Francisco. Two families. Three men. Kimmy Gibbler.—————Full House
  403. Which TV show ended its run with an abrupt cut to black?—————The Sopranos
  404. TV quote: That’s what she said.—————The Office
  405. TV quote: Make it work.—————Project Runway
  406. TV quote: The tribe has spoken.—————Survivor
  407. Ken Jennings is known for his winning streak on which game show? —————Jeopardy
  408. Ashton Kutcher hosted which MTV show?—————Punk’d
  409. TV quote: Is that your final answer?—————Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?
  410. Name the show: Paper. Dunder Mifflin. Jim. Dwight.—————The Office
  411. Ashton Kutcher played a teen hanging out in his friend’s basement in which show?—————That 70s Show
  412. TV quote: You’re fired.—————The Apprentice
  413. Which show featured a law practice/bowling alley?—————Ed
  414. Joel McHale is the host of which clip show?—————The Soup
  415. Private Practice is a spin-off of which show?—————Grey’s Anatomy
  416. Bob Saget is the narrator of which TV show?—————How I Met Your Mother
  417. Cat Deely hosts which reality show?—————So You Think You Can Dance?
  418. Name the show: Maya. Elliot. Blush. David Spade. —————Just Shoot Me
  419. On which show does Toni Collette play a woman with multiple personalities?—————The United States of Tara
  420. The drama starring Melina Kanakaredes as a doctor is held in which city?—————Providence
  421. Name the show: Sweetheart. Jwoww. The Situation. Snooki. —————The Jersey Shore
  422. Ron Howard is the narrator of which TV show?—————Arrested Development
  423. TV tagline: Save the cheerleader, save the world.—————Heroes
  424. Kristen Bell is the narrator of which show?—————Gossip Girl
  425. Jeff Probst is the host of which show?—————Survivor
  426. TV quote: Your tour ends here—————Rock of Love
  427. Chevy Chase plays a college student on which TV show?—————Community
  428. Name the show: Foreman. Chase. Cameron. Cuddy.—————House
  429. Which show features the residents of Wisteria Lane?—————Desperate Housewives
  430. Which show is NOT set in New York City?—————ER
  431. Which show features a man with the only copy of spy secrets embedded in his brain?—————Chuck
  432. Jon Cryer stars in which sitcom?—————Two and a Half Men
  433. Which show asks contestants to “accept this rose”?—————The Bachelor
  434. Which show asks contestants to “accept this clock”?—————Flavor of Love
  435. Name the show: Joy. Crabman. Big list. Karma.—————My Name is Earl
  436. Name the show: Liz Lemon. Tracey. Jenna. Jack.—————30 Rock
  437. Name the show: Nerds. Friends. Physics. Woman next door. —————Big Bang Theory
  438. Name the show: Plane. Survival. Island. Clues to ending.—————Lost
  439. Name the show: Spy. Miami. Bruce Campbell. Yogurt.—————Burn Notice
  440. Which show features a character named Marshal Marshall?—————In Plain Sight
  441. Which show teams a FBI agent with a former art thief?—————White Collar
  442. Name the show: Hamptons. Rich people. Divya. Hank Med.—————Royal Pains
  443. Name the show: Santa Barbara. Fake psychics. Corbin Bernsen. Pineapple.—————Psych
  444. TV quote: He’s just not that into you—————Sex and the City
  445. Denis Leary plays a firefighter in which show?—————Rescue Me
  446. Name the show: Ryan. Paula. She Bangs. Pants on the Ground. —————American Idol
  447. Name the show: Carrie Ann. Bruno. Tony Dovolani. Cheryl Burke.—————Dancing With the Stars
  448. Tony Shaloub plays a detective with OCD in which show?—————Monk
  449. Which show featured Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends?—————The Girls Next Door
  450. Name the show: Meredith. George. Izzy. McDreamy.—————Grey’s Anatomy
  451. After “Everybody Loves Raymond”, Patricia Heaton went on to star in which show?—————The Middle
  452. Mariska Hargitay plays a detective in which Law and Order series?—————SVU
  453. Delta Burke played Cherry Cherry on which teen WB show?—————Popular
  454. Of the following reality shows, which was broadcast first?—————Survivor
  455. Sharon Osbourne is a judge on which reality show?—————America’s Got Talent
  456. Name the show: Teen. Young mom. Inn. Connecticut.—————Gilmore Girls
  457. Which of the following shows starts each episode with someone’s death?—————Six Feet Under
  458. Which sitcom is portrayed as a documentary, similar to “The Office”?—————Parks and Recreation
  459. Name the show: Showmance. The Power of Madonna. Acafellas. Throwdown. —————Glee
  460. Name the show: Phoebe. Piper. Prue. Paige.—————Charmed
  461. Which show features a teen who solves mysteries after her best friend is murdered?—————Veronica Mars
  462. Name the show: Padma. Chefs. Tom. Pack your knives.—————Top Chef
  463. Kiefer Sutherland plays Jack Bauer on which show?—————24
  464. TV last line: I went ahead and ordered something for the table.—————The Sopranos
  465. Before she was famous, pop star Ke$ha appeared on an episode of which reality show?—————The Simple Life
  466. TV last line: You can’t take a picture of this, it’s already gone.—————Six Feet Under
  467. TV last line: For endings, as it is known, are where we begin.—————Pushing Daisies
  468. TV last lines: Well, personally, I kind of want to slay the dragon. Let’s go to work.—————Angel
  469. Shannon Doherty appeared as a contestant for one episode of which reality show?—————Dancing With the Stars
  470. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt first appeared together on which show?—————The Hills
  471. Before The Office, Steve Carell appeared on which show?—————The Daily Show
  472. Which show’s cast reunited for the first time on Curb Your Enthusiasm?—————Seinfeld
  473. Paris Hilton starred in which reality show?—————The Simple Life
  474. After Seinfeld, Jerry Stiller played Leah Remini’s dad in which TV show?—————King of Queens
  475. Drew Carey hosts which game show?—————The Price is Right
  476. Howie Mandel is host of which game show?—————Deal or No Deal
  477. Name the show: Singing. High school. Jane Lynch. Single Ladies.—————Glee
  478. TV quote: Suit Up!—————How I Met Your Mother
  479. TV quote: Tell us what you don’t like about yourself.—————Nip/Tuck
  480. TV theme: When I hear you laugh, it’s always a brighter day—————Summerland
  481. Gavin DeGraw sings “I Don’t Wanna Be” as the theme song to which show?—————One Tree Hill
  482. TV theme: If you need, need me to be with you. I will follow where you lead.—————Gilmore Girls
  483. TV theme: I feel the waves crash down inside, as they pull me under.—————The Ghost Whisperer
  484. Hilary Duff’s “Come Clean” is used as the theme to which reality show?—————Laguna Beach
  485. They Might Be Giants sang the theme to which show?—————Malcolm in the Middle
  486. TV theme: Hanging out, down the street, the same old thing, we did last week—————That 70’s Show
  487. Which show won an Emmy for Best Comedy in 2010?—————Modern Family
  488. Brian Cranston won his third Best Actor Emmy in 2010 for which show?—————Breaking Bad
  489. Which show won an Emmy for Best Drama in 2010?—————Mad Men
  490. Archie Panjabi won a Best Supporting Actress Emmy in 2010 for which show?—————The Good Wife
  491. Which show stopped The Amazing Race’s Best Reality Show Emmy winning streak in 2010?—————Top Chef
  492. Kal Penn left which show to work for the White House?—————House
  493. Before starring in Dexter, Michael C. Hall starred in which show?—————Six Feet Under
  494. A member of the E-Street Band stars in which show?—————The Sopranos
  495. Which show is considered a spin-off of the X-Files?—————Millennium
  496. Torchwood is a spin-off of which show?—————Doctor Who
  497. Which show is NOT a spin-off from Flavor of Love?—————The Surreal Life
  498. Strange Love is a spin-off of which VH1 reality show?—————The Surreal Life
  499. NCIS is a spin-off of which show?—————JAG
  500. Which show is a spin-off from The Practice?—————Boston Legal
  501. Jaclyn Smith hosted which reality show (during seasons 1 and 2)?—————Shear Genius
  502. All Grown Up! is a spin-off of which cartoon?—————Rugrats
  503. Which daytime talk show ended in 2002 after 6 years on air?—————The Rosie O’Donnell Show
  504. Name the show: South Dakota. Western. Corruption. Outlaw.—————Deadwood
  505. Which show has characters with real-life counterparts, such as Calamity Jane?—————Deadwood
  506. Which show features a Miami Police Department analyst who is also a serial killer?—————Dexter
  507. Name the show: Miami police. Family man. Analyst. Serial killer of murderers. —————Dexter
  508. TV quote: My name is Michael Westen. I used to be a spy.—————Burn Notice
  509. Which show features a lung cancer patient who becomes a drug dealer to pay his bills?—————Breaking Bad
  510. Name the show: Chemistry teacher. Meth. Cancer. Walter White.—————Breaking Bad
  511. Name the show: Talking dog. Talking baby. Seth Green. MacFarlane.—————Family Guy
  512. Which show’s family lives on Spooner Street in Quahog?—————Family Guy
  513. Which show features a widowed mother who sells marijuana?—————Weeds
  514. Name the show: Mother. Pot seller. Dark comedy. Mary-Louise Parker.—————Weeds
  515. Name the show: Football. Dillon, Texas. Connie Britton. Kyle Chandler.—————Friday Night Lights
  516. Which show portrays a small town and its football players?—————Friday Night Lights
  517. Which show satires partisan cable shows personas such as Bill O’Reilly?—————The Colbert Report
  518. Name the show: Eagle. The Word. Tip of the Hat, Wag of My Finger. Formula 401. —————The Colbert Report
  519. Name the show: Seth Rogan. Jason Segal. Busy Philips. Linda Cardellini.—————Freaks and Geeks
  520. Which short-lived show about the lives of teens in the 80s became a cult hit?—————Freaks and Geeks
  521. Name the show: Tracy Morgan. Jane Krakowski. Alec Baldwin. Tina Fey.—————30 Rock
  522. Liz Lemon is a character on which show?—————30 Rock
  523. Name the show: Misanthropy. Neurotic. Dark comedy. Larry David.—————Curb Your Enthusiasm
  524. Name the show: 1960s. Madison Avenue office. Liquor. Misogyny.—————Mad Men
  525. Jon Hamm and Elisabeth Moss star in which show?—————Mad Men
  526. Name the show: Aasif. Wyatt. John. Samantha.—————The Daily Show
  527. Which show is considered “America’s top fake news show”?—————The Daily Show
  528. Name the show: Indiana. Mockumentary. Government officials. Amy Poehler.—————Parks and Recreation
  529. Which show has a character named Leslie Knope?—————Parks and Recreation
  530. Name the show: Psychiatrist. Meadow. The Mob. New Jersey.—————The Sopranos
  531. Name the show: Kate. Hurley. Sawyer. Jack.—————Lost
  532. Which show has a group of characters known as “the Others”?—————Lost
  533. Alyson Hannigan played Willow on which show?—————Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  534. Name the show: Hoopz. New York. Thing 1. Bootylicious.—————Flavor of Love
  535. Name the show: Rodeo. Jes. Heather. Big John.—————Rock of Love
  536. Mon’que and Sharon Osbourne each hosted a season of which VH1 show?—————Charm School
  537. Name the show: Kendra. Holly. Bridget. Twins.—————Girls Next Door
  538. Which clip show focuses on videos found on the internet?—————Tosh.O
  539. Which reality show searches for the best hair stylist?—————Sheer Genius
  540. Which decade clip show is NOT a real series on VH1?—————I Love the 60s
  541. Courteney Cox stars on which show?—————Cougartown
  542. Name the show: Sports writer. Pushy mother-in-law. Long Island suburb. Robert.—————Everybody Loves Raymond
  543. A writer and his family live across the street from his parents in which show?—————Everybody Loves Raymond
  544. John Ritter died while filming an episode of which show?—————8 Simple Rules
  545. David Spade joined the cast of which show after the death of its star?—————8 Simple Rules
  546. Which show features the employees of Blush magazine?—————Just Shoot Me
  547. Which show features a couple who married on their first date?—————Dharma and Greg
  548. TV theme: I know you know I’m not telling the truth.—————Psych
  549. Name the show: Protecting witnesses. Albuquerque. U.S. Marshals. Mary.—————In Plain Sight
  550. Which show features a private physician in the Hamptons?—————Royal Pains
  551. Name the show: Neil Caffrey. Tiffani Theissen. FBI. Art.—————White Collar
  552. Which Law and Order series was the first to be cancelled?—————Trial By Jury
  553. The reality star couple Rob and Amber met on which show?—————Survivor
  554. Harold Dieterle won the first season of which show?—————Top Chef
  555. Jay McCarroll won the first season of which show?—————Project Runway
  556. Bill Rancic won the first season of which show?—————The Apprentice
  557. Which show portrays the life of a family with five sons?—————Malcolm in the Middle
  558. Name the show: Francis. Reece. Dewey. Stressed mom.—————Malcolm in the Middle
  559. Piers Morgan won the celebrity version of which show?—————The Apprentice
  560. Name the show: Kevin James. Carrie. Carrie’s dad. Marriage.—————King of Queens
  561. Larry David created Curb Your Enthusiasm and which other show?—————Seinfeld
  562. Name the show: Britta. Annie. Chevy Chase. Joel McHale.—————Community
  563. Which show portrays the lives of three related, but different, families?—————Modern Family
  564. Which show features two geniuses from Caltech?—————Big Bang Theory
  565. Name the show: Mary. Matt. Lucy. Ruthie.—————Seventh Heaven
  566. Name the show: JD. Carla. Turk. The Janitor.—————Scrubs
  567. Which show portrayed the life of interns at Sacred Heart Hospital?—————Scrubs
  568. TV quote: Hug it out—————Entourage
  569. TV theme: Money, Money, Money….Money—————The Apprentice
  570. Jason Lee stars as a man trying to make things right in which show?—————My Name is Earl
  571. Jennifer Love Hewitt sees dead people in which show?—————Ghost Whisperer
  572. Which show is a remake of a 1970s sci-fi series?—————Battlestar Galactica
  573. Name the show: Refugee. Robot. Cylon. Number Six.—————Battlestar Galactica
  574. TV theme: It’s a jungle out there. Disorder and confusion everywhere.—————Monk
  575. Michael Richards was originally supposed to be the title character in which show?—————Monk
  576. Portia De Rossi plays Jason Bateman’s twin in which show?—————Arrested Development
  577. Name the show: Dad in prison. Dysfunctional. Hook for hand. George-Michael.—————Arrested Development
  578. Which show portrays life in the Baltimore drug scene?—————The Wire
  579. Name the show: Drugs. Detective McNulty. Law Enforcement. Avon Barksdale.—————The Wire
  580. Which show portrays the lives of the staff of President Bartlet?—————West Wing
  581. Name the show: Toby. Leo. Josh. CJ.—————West Wing
  582. Name the show: Xander. Giles. Sunnydale High. “The Scooby Gang”.—————Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  583. TV theme: Men, Men, Men, Men, Men.—————Two and a Half Men
  584. Name the show: Axl. Brick. Sue. Chris Kattan.—————The Middle
  585. Name the show: Manny. Mitchell. Gloria. Ed O’Neill.—————Modern Family
  586. Name the show: SD-6. Double Agent. Michael Vaughn. Sydney Bristow. —————Alias
  587. Jennifer Garner plays a double agent for the CIA in which show?—————Alias
  588. Name the show: Jack. Chloe. Tony. President Palmer.—————24
  589. Angel is a spin-off of which show?—————Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  590. Jessica Alba starred as Max is which show?—————Dark Angel
  591. Which show portrays a team of FBI profilers?—————Criminal Minds
  592. Name the show: Quantico. Behavioral Analysis Unit. Jason Gideon. Unsub.—————Criminal Minds
  593. Name the show: Special Agents. Jethro Gibbs. Abby. Ducky.—————NCIS
  594. Name the show: New New York. Fry. Leela. Your own grandpa.—————Futurama
  595. The Barenaked Ladies created the theme song to which show?—————Big Bang Theory
  596. “Short Skirt, Long Jacket” by Cake is used as the theme song to which show?—————Chuck
  597. TV theme: I’m no superman.—————Scrubs
  598. What is the name of Conan O’Brien’s new TBS talk show?—————Conan
  599. Which show is based on a series of books by Charlaine Harris?—————True Blood
  600. Which reality show moved from Bravo to Lifetime?—————Project Runway
  601. Carrie Underwood won a season of which show?—————American Idol
  602. Which show is set in Scranton, Pennsylvania?—————The Office
  603. Alison Sweeney is the host of which reality show?—————The Biggest Loser
  604. Betty White is a cast member on the TV show, “Hot in” which city?—————Cleveland
  605. Courteney Cox stars in which TV show?—————Cougar Town
  606. William Shatner stars in a TV show based on an account on which site?—————Twitter
  607. Which Spice girl has a reality show on the Style Network?—————Scary
  608. Which American Idol judge is the only one returning for its 10th season?—————Randy
  609. Which cast member will leave “The Office” at the end of the 2010-11 season?—————Steve Carrell
  610. Obama is the 1st sitting president on a daytime talk show after appearing here.—————the View
  611. Sesame Street pulled which singer’s appearance with Elmo due to complaints?—————Katy Perry
  612. Conan O’Brien is set to host a new talk show on which network?—————TBS
  613. In The Brady Bunch, which Brady kid said “Marcia, Marcia, Marcia”?—————Jan
  614. In The Brady Bunch, which Brady kid got hit in the nose with a football?—————Marcia
  615. In The Brady Bunch Hawaiian episode, which Brady kid found the tiki?—————Bobby
  616. “All of them had hair of gold, like their mother, the youngest one in ___”—————Curls
  617. What is the name of the butcher in The Brady Bunch?—————Sam
  618. What is the name of the Brady cousin in The Brady Bunch?—————Oliver
  619. In Little House on the Prairie, which Ingalls child falls down in the credits?—————Carrie
  620. Which Ingalls child goes blind in Little House on the Prairie?—————Mary
  621. Who was Laura’s nemesis in Little House on the Prairie?—————Nellie Oleson
  622. Melissa Gilbert’s brother played which character in Little House on the Prairie?—————Willie Oleson
  623. Which 90210 star played Laura’s niece, Jenny, in Little House on the Prairie?—————Shannen Doherty
  624. What is the name of the town in Little House on the Prairie?—————Walnut Grove
  625. What is the name of the charter boat in Gilligan’s Island?—————S.S. Minnow
  626. In Gilligan’s Island, what is Lovey Howell’s first name?—————Eunice
  627. “Five passengers that sailed that day for a ___ hour tour”—————3
  628. Which castaway is mentioned last in the theme to Gilligan’s Island?—————Mary Ann
  629. What color shirt does Gilligan always wear in Gilligan’s Island?—————Red
  630. What is Skipper’s nickname for Gilligan in Gilligan’s Island?—————Little Buddy
  631. In “I Love Lucy”, what is the name of Lucy’s best friend?—————Ethel
  632. Where does Ricky work in “I Love Lucy”?—————Tropicana
  633. In “I Love Lucy”, Ricky Ricardo is from which country?—————Cuba
  634. In an episode of “I Love Lucy”, Lucy and Ethel work in what type of factory?—————Candy
  635. In “I Love Lucy”, what is the last name of Fred and Ethel?—————Mertz
  636. What does Lucy’s mother call Ricky in “I Love Lucy”?—————Mickey
  637. In “All in the Family”, Archie calls Mike by which nickname?—————Meathead
  638. What is the name of Mike and Gloria’s baby in “All in the Family”?—————Joey
  639. In “All in the Family”, in which New York City borough did the Bunkers live?—————Queens
  640. In “All in the Family”, what is Archie’s nickname for Gloria?—————Little Girl
  641. Which is NOT a spin-off from “All in the Family”?—————The Golden Girls
  642. Which president is mentioned in the theme to “All in the Family”?—————Herbert Hoover
  643. The Mary Tyler Moore Show takes place in which city?—————Minneapolis
  644. What is the name of Mary’s best friend in The Mary Tyler Moore Show?—————Rhoda
  645. Which “Golden Girl” star played Sue Ann Nivens on The Mary Tyler Moore Show?—————Betty White
  646. Which “Golden Girl” star played Maude’s best friend in “Maude”?—————Rue McClanahan
  647. Martha Plimpton has a starring role in which new 2010 sitcom?—————Raising Hope
  648. Which Fox TV show was cancelled in fall 2010 after only two episodes?—————Lone Star
  649. The sitcom “Outsourced” is set in which country?—————India
  650. Bristol Palin is a celebrity contestant on which reality show?—————Dancing with the Stars
  651. Who was voted off first in the fall 2010 season of “Dancing with the Stars”?—————David Hasselhoff
  652. “Running Wilde” stars which former star of “Arrested Development”?—————Will Arnett
  653. The “Jersey Shore” spin-off, “Wicked Summer”, is set to take place in which city?—————Boston
  654. Which former SNL cast member hosted the first episode of its 2010 season?—————Amy Poehler
  655. “Laverne and Shirley” is set in which city?—————Milwaukee
  656. In “Laverne and Shirley”, what does Laverne like to drink with milk?—————Pepsi
  657. What is Laverne and Shirley’s job in “Laverne and Shirley”?—————Bottlecappers
  658. What is the name of the young son introduced in later seasons of “Family Ties”?—————Andrew
  659. What is the name of the young daughter introduced in later seasons of “Growing Pains”?—————Chrissy
  660. “You hear that, Elizabeth? I’m coming to join ya, honey!”—————Sanford and Son
  661. “DY-NO-MITE”—————Good Times
  662. Janet Jackson had a recurring role on which TV show?—————Good Times
  663. “Up your nose with a rubber hose!”—————Welcome Back, Kotter
  664. Which character did NOT help form the Michael Scott Paper Company in “The Office”?—————Dwight
  665. In Seinfeld, Kramer makes a likeness of Jerry out of which type of pasta?—————Fusilli
  666. In “Modern Family”, Mitchell and Cameron have adopted a baby from which country?—————Vietnam
  667. In Friends, Marcel was Ross’ pet what?—————Monkey
  668. Alyssa Milano did NOT have a role on which show?—————Beverly Hills 90210
  669. In Friends, who was Chandler’s on-off girlfriend who said “Oh…my…God!”?—————Janice
  670. The Jefferson’s were “movin’ on up” to which part of Manhattan?—————East Side
  671. Who was the only regular cast member of MASH to serve in the Army in Korea?—————Jamie Farr
  672. Who played Chandler’s father on “Friends”?—————Kathleen Turner
  673. Every episode of “Seinfeld” contains an image or reference to which superhero?—————Superman
  674. Which TV series showed the first interracial kiss on American network television?—————Star Trek
  675. What is the phrase on the UFO poster in Fox Mulder’s office in “X-Files”?—————Trust No One
  676. What TV show is credited for forensic science courses seeing a surge in interest?—————CSI
  677. What brand of cigarettes does the Cigarette Smoking Man in The X-Files prefer?—————Morley
  678. Which of the following is NOT one of The Lone Gunmen in The X-Files?—————Kersh
  679. What did Scully’s father call her in The X-Files?—————Starbuck
  680. What is Mulder’s favorite snack in The X-Files?—————Sunflower Seeds
  681. What actress turned down the role of Seven of Nine in “Voyager” four times?—————Jeri Ryan
  682. Who was originally offered the role of Spock in Star Trek?—————Martin Landau
  683. What type of dog does Captain Archer have on “Enterprise”?—————Beagle
  684. Who was the first real astronaut to appear in any “Star Trek” episode?—————Mae Jemison
  685. What is NBC’s longest running soap opera?—————Days of Our Lives
  686. What soap opera originally revolved around a minister and his congregation?—————Guiding Light
  687. What soap opera takes place in Genoa City, Wisconsin?—————The Young and the Restless
  688. “It’s Always Sunny in” _______—————Philadelphia
  689. Which former Daily Show correspondent now stars in The Office?—————Ed Helms
  690. Which actress was NOT an angel on Charlie’s Angels?—————Tina Louise
  691. In Starsky and Hutch, what was the nickname of Starsky’s car?—————The Striped Tomato
  692. Who did Carol Burnett play in “Mama’s Family”?—————Eunice
  693. Which is NOT a Bradford son on “Eight is Enough”?—————Peter
  694. Which is NOT a Bradford daughter on “Eight is Enough”?—————Carol
  695. What did Fonzie jump over on water skis on “Happy Days”?—————Shark
  696. What was the name of Richie’s older brother on “Happy Days”?—————Chuck
  697. What was the name of the dog in The Brady Bunch?—————Tiger
  698. Roxie Roker, who starred in The Jeffersons, is which musician’s mother?—————Lenny Kravitz
  699. “Hey, hey, hey!”—————What’s Happening!
  700. What was the name of the cat on The Brady Bunch?—————Fluffy
  701. Who killed Laura on Twin Peaks?—————Her father
  702. What was the name of the oldest son on “Home Improvement”?—————Bradley
  703. What was the name of the youngest son on “Home Improvement”?—————Mark
  704. What was the name of the beach club on “Saved by the Bell”?—————Malibu Sands Beach Club
  705. What was the name of Brandon’s first car on Beverly Hills 90210?—————Mondale
  706. Matlock takes place in which city?—————Atlanta
  707. What was the name of the restaurant above the bar on “Cheers”?—————Melville’s
  708. Where did Sophia live before moving in with Dorothy on “The Golden Girls”?—————Shady Pines
  709. Before “Saved by the Bell”, the show was called Good Morning _____?—————Miss Bliss
  710. What was Jesse’s real first name on “Full House”?—————Hermes
  711. What was the name of Murphy Brown’s news program?—————FYI
  712. What was the name of the painter who painted “happy little trees”?—————Bob Ross
  713. Who was Harry’s idol on “Night Court”?—————Mel Torme
  714. Max Headroom invaded which network?—————Network 23
  715. What was Michael’s real last name in “Knight Rider”?—————Long
  716. On “Knight Rider” what was the name of KITT’s evil twin?—————KARR
  717. On “Jennifer Slept Here”, Jennifer was killed by what?—————Ice-cream truck
  718. Which is NOT a character on “One Day at a Time”?—————Abby
  719. What was General Lee on “The Dukes of Hazzard”?—————Car
  720. Who shot J.R.?—————His sister-in-law
  721. Edna’s Edibles was a food shop on which show?—————Facts of Life
  722. What was the name of the captain’s daughter on The Love Boat?—————Vicki
  723. Who was NOT one of the four main characters on “The Facts of Life”?—————Jenny
  724. On Three’s Company, Chrissy is short for what?—————Christmas
  725. On Diff’rent Strokes, what is the name of Arnold’s fish?—————Abraham
  726. What was the name of the son on “Who’s the Boss”?—————Jonathan
  727. What was the name of Punky Brewster’s dog?—————Brandon
  728. Who was NOT a character on “Family Ties”?—————Angela
  729. Which Cheers regular is the only one to never guest star on Frasier?—————Kirstie Alley
  730. Which Glee student saw Jesus in a grilled cheese sandwich?—————Finn
  731. Which former 80s sitcom star teaches high school English in a reality show?—————Tony Danza
  732. Which “Jersey Shore” cast member is on “Dancing with the Stars”?—————The Situation
  733. Who lived at 1313 Mockingbird Lane?—————The Munsters
  734. What was Jerry’s fathers name in Seinfeld?—————Morty
  735. What was the Skipper’s name in Gilligan’s Island?—————Jonas
  736. What did Mr. T fear in The A-Team?—————Flying
  737. What was the name of The Little Rascals’ dog?—————Petey
  738. What is Heratio’s last name in CSI: Miami?—————Caine
  739. Which TV Show was the first to show a toilet?—————Leave it to Beaver
  740. “Mysterious and spooky, they’re all together ooky, _____”—————The Addams Family
  741. What did The Addams family do during the theme song?—————Snapped their fingers
  742. What did Larry, Darryl, and Darryl run on Newhart?—————Cafe
  743. The Gap, Toys R Us, Starbucks, who will remember these landmarks unless we tell them?—————Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  744. On Friends, who did Gunther have a crush on?—————Rachel
  745. Who was a cheerleader for the San Francisco 49ers before she became a Desperate Housewife?—————Teri Hatcher
  746. Aside from Steve Martin, who’s been Saturday Night Live’s most frequent host?—————Alec Baldwin
  747. It’s a good thing—————Martha Stewart
  748. Which SNL characters broadcast from an Aurora, IL basement?—————Wayne and Garth
  749. What TV star sang at the Berlin Wall?—————David Hasselhoff
  750. Before ER, who appeared in Return of the Killer Tomatoes? —————George Clooney
  751. In The Cosby Show, the Huxtables lived on which street?—————Stigwood Avenue
  752. What burst into flames in the opening of Bonanza?—————Map
  753. What was the name of Frank’s wife in Millennium? —————Catherine
  754. What was the name of Frank’s daughter in Millennium?—————Jordan
  755. Which doctor practiced at the Eastman Medical Center, LA?—————Doogie Howser
  756. On Friends, which guest star’s only line was “Nice hat”?—————Sarah, Duchess of York
  757. Which Seinfeld character takes off his shirt while on the toilet?—————George
  758. Which man wore a dress while hosting a TV talk show on transvestites?—————Phil Donahue
  759. Before becoming a Star Trek captain, Kate Mulgrew appeared in which soap?—————Ryan’s Hope
  760. Who is Murphy Brown’s favorite singer?—————Aretha Franklin
  761. What was the first U.S. sitcom to be exported to Britain?—————I Love Lucy
  762. What was Fran’s last name on The Nanny?—————Fine
  763. What was the name of the football team on Coach?—————Screaming Eagles
  764. Which show was originally called These Friends of Mine?—————Ellen
  765. Which sitcom was based on a show called Love American Style?—————Happy Days
  766. Rebecca Schaeffer appeared on which TV show?—————My Sister Sam
  767. Jim Carrey was a cast member of which TV show?—————In Living Color
  768. What SNL cast member played Kap’n Karl on Pee-wee’s Playhouse?—————Phil Hartman
  769. What TV crime drama series is subtitled Life on the Street?—————Homicide
  770. How many thirtysomethings were there in the original series?—————7
  771. In Moonlighting, what was Maddie’s profession before becoming a detective?—————Model
  772. What was the first name of Columbo?—————Phillip
  773. Which star’s voice was the absent Robin Masters in Magnum PI?—————Orson Welles
  774. What was the first video seen on MTV?—————Video Killed the Radio Star
  775. How many Monkees were there?—————4
  776. What was Bill Cosby’s first TV show?—————I Spy
  777. What was the name of the real Boston bar that stood in for Cheers?—————The Bull and Finch
  778. What did the C stand for in Chips?—————California
  779. Sock it to me!—————Laugh-In
  780. ABC cancelled Get Smart after what was blown up in an episode?—————Statue of Liberty
  781. Which was the first network to broadcast all programs in color? —————NBC
  782. Glee takes place in which state?—————Ohio
  783. What is the name of Alyson Hannigan’s character on “How I Met Your Mother”?—————Lily
  784. Which network’s tagline is “Characters welcome”?—————USA
  785. Which network’s tagline is “Very funny”?—————TBS
  786. Which network’s former tagline was “Life unscripted”?—————TLC
  787. In which city did the “Law and Order” TV franchise expand to in 2010?—————Los Angeles
  788. “Two and a Half Men” is broadcast on which network?—————CBS
  789. Before moving to Lifetime, Project Runway was broadcast on which network?—————Bravo
  790. Which news network was Rick Sanchez fired from after calling Jon Stewart a bigot?—————CNN
  791. Which Presidential child has been host of Saturday Night Live?—————Ron Reagan
  792. Which US President has said “Live from New York” on SNL?—————Ford
  793. Which medical show is set in Seattle?—————Grey’s Anatomy
  794. The hospital in House is affiliated with which university?—————Princeton
  795. In 2010, a documentary on which city’s hospitals aired on ABC?—————Boston
  796. Kristen Bell is the voice of which TV character?—————Gossip Girl
  797. Which housewife committed suicide in the opening episode of Desperate Housewives?—————Mary Alice
  798. Which Kardashian has a baby son?—————Kourtney
  799. Which Kardashian daughter is the oldest?—————Kourtney
  800. Which TV show’s episode titles all started with “The one with”?—————Friends
  801. Which is NOT a name of a daughter on Seventh Heaven?—————Sara
  802. Who farms beets in “The Office”?—————Dwight
  803. The football team dances to which song on Glee?—————Single Ladies
  804. In Seinfeld, what day was Festivus?—————December 23
  805. In Seinfeld, what would Kramer name his child?—————Isosceles
  806. How did Susan die in Seinfeld?—————Poisonous envelope glue
  807. In Seinfeld, George’s voicemail message was sung to the tune of which TV theme?—————Greatest American Hero
  808. In Seinfeld, which character is Elaine’s ex-boyfriend?—————Jerry
  809. Which candy does Kramer drop into a patient during an operation on Seinfeld?—————Junior Mint
  810. Seinfeld was broadcast for how many seasons?—————9
  811. Seinfeld was broadcast on which network?—————NBC
  812. What intersection was Kramer at when he got lost on Seinfeld?—————1st and 1st
  813. In Seinfeld, Elaine is originally from which state?—————Maryland
  814. In the finale of Seinfeld, the characters plan to visit which city?—————Paris
  815. Friends was broadcast on which network?—————NBC
  816. Friends was broadcast for how many seasons?—————10
  817. In Friends, Joey unknowingly became a poster boy for what?—————VD
  818. Which song did Marcel the monkey enjoy on Friends?—————The Lion Sleeps Tonight
  819. In Friends, David, Phoebe’s scientist boyfriend, moves to which city?—————Minsk
  820. In Friends, Chandler tells Janice his is moving to which country?—————Yemen
  821. Which “friend” got a spin-off series?—————Joey
  822. In Friends, Joey starred in which soap opera?—————Days of Our Lives
  823. What is Ross’ son’s name on Friends?—————Ben
  824. Who sings the theme song to Friends?—————The Rembrandts
  825. On Friends, which character did Ross NOT marry?—————Janice
  826. Roseanne was broadcast for how many seasons?—————9
  827. Roseanne was broadcast on which network?—————ABC
  828. On Roseanne, which actress played Becky when Lecy Goranson left the show?—————Sarah Chalke
  829. What was Dan’s father’s occupation on Roseanne?—————Travelling salesman
  830. On Roseanne, who thought of the name for Roseanne and Jackie’s restaurant?—————D.J.
  831. Which character laughed at the end of the opening credits on Roseanne?—————Roseanne
  832. Roseanne takes place in which state?—————Illinois
  833. In earlier seasons of Roseanne, each character is seen wearing a T-shirt with which animal?—————Chicken
  834. Frasier was broadcast for how many seasons?—————11
  835. Which network broadcast Frasier?—————NBC
  836. Frasier moved to Seattle from which city?—————Boston
  837. Who mistakenly tells Daphne that Niles is in love with her on Frasier?—————Frasier
  838. In the finale, Frasier quotes which poet in his speech?—————Tennyson
  839. On Frasier, what is the name of Martin’s dog?—————Eddie
  840. Niles and Frasier were named after which animals belonging to their mother?—————Rats
  841. Who was Niles never married to in Frasier?—————Mel
  842. Who hosts the radio sports show on Frasier?—————Bulldog
  843. What is the name of Niles’ never seen wife on Frasier?—————Maris
  844. Where is Daphne originally from on Frasier?—————England
  845. On Frasier, where do Frasier and Niles often met for a drink?—————Cafe
  846. The Drew Carey Show was broadcast for how many seasons?—————9
  847. The Drew Carey Show was broadcast on which network?—————ABC
  848. Which song was NOT used as a theme song on The Drew Carey Show?—————9 to 5
  849. On The Drew Carey Show, what was the name of Drew’s cross-dressing brother?—————Steve
  850. What is the name of Drew’s home brewed beer on The Drew Carey Show?—————Buzz Beer
  851. On The Drew Carey Show, Drew’s homebrew was beer and which other drink?—————Coffee
  852. Who did Drew’s brother marry in The Drew Carey Show?—————Mimi
  853. What the online retailer’s name in the last seasons on The Drew Carey Show?—————Neverending Store
  854. In The Drew Carey Show, where does Kate move at the beginning of season 8?—————Guam
  855. In The Drew Carey Show, Drew worked in which department at Winfred-Lauder?—————HR
  856. “Married… with Children” was broadcast on which network?—————FOX
  857. “Married… with Children” aired for how many seasons?—————11
  858. “Married… with Children” is set in which city?—————Chicago
  859. In “Married… with Children”, who is the only Bundy to ever go to college?—————Bud
  860. In “Married… with Children”, what product does Al sell for a living?—————Women’s shoes
  861. Who is Peggy’s best friend in “Married… with Children”?—————Marcy
  862. In “Married… with Children”, what is the name of the Bundy’s dog after Buck dies?—————Lucky
  863. What is Bud’s middle name in “Married… with Children”?—————Franklin
  864. On “Married… with Children”, how many times has Marcy been married?—————2
  865. “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” aired for how many seasons?—————6
  866. “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air” aired on which network?—————NBC
  867. In “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”, Will moves to Bel Air from which city?—————Philadelphia
  868. In “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”, what is the last name of Will’s relatives?—————Banks
  869. Who takes in Will when he moves to Bel Air in “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”?—————Aunt and Uncle
  870. Which family member is Will closest to in “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”?—————Ashley
  871. What does Geoffrey call Will in “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”?—————Master William
  872. What is the name of Philip and Vivian’s baby on “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”?—————Nicky
  873. Who is Will’s best friend in “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”?—————Jazz
  874. What is Will’s mother’s name on “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air”?—————Viola
  875. Home Improvement aired on which network?—————ABC
  876. Home Improvement was broadcast for how many seasons?—————8
  877. What was the name of the neighbor on “Home Improvement”?—————Wilson
  878. What was the name of Pamela Anderson’s character on “Home Improvement”?—————Lisa
  879. What was the name of Tim’s assistant on “Home Improvement”?—————Al
  880. What was Tim’s catchphrase on “Home Improvement”?—————More Power!
  881. Home Improvement: Do you know what time it is?—————Tool Time
  882. Which son on Home Improvement was written off so the actor could leave the show?—————Randy
  883. On Home Improvement, the middle child left for which country in the last season?—————Costa Rica
  884. What was the name of the character that replaces Pamela Anderson’s on Home Improvement?—————Heidi
  885. Family Matters aired for how many seasons?—————9
  886. Family Matters is set in which city?—————Chicago
  887. Steve Urkel from Family Matters appeared in a cross-over episode of which show?—————Full House
  888. In Family Matters, what does sister Judy do in the last scene on the show?—————Go upstairs
  889. What is the name of the Winslow nephew on Family Matters?—————Ritchie
  890. What is the name of the boy adopted by the Winslows on Family Matters?—————3J
  891. What is the name of the older daughter on Family Matters?—————Laura
  892. What is the name of the Winslow dad on Family Matters?—————Carl
  893. NewsRadio aired on which network?—————NBC
  894. “3rd Rock from the Sun” was broadcast on which network?—————NBC
  895. What is the name of the Bachman’s dog on Mad About You?—————Murray
  896. What type of dog does the Bachman’s own on Mad About You?—————Border Collie
  897. What is the name of Jamie’s sister on Mad About You?—————Lisa
  898. What name does Paul and Jamie give their daughter on Mad About You?—————Mabel
  899. Mad About You is set in which city?—————New York
  900. In “3rd Rock From the Sun” who went to Earth because “they had an extra seat”?—————Harry
  901. Why was Sally chosen to be a human woman in “3rd Rock From the Sun”?—————She lost a contest
  902. In “3rd Rock From the Sun” which character is actually the youngest alien?—————Dick
  903. In NewsRadio, which character is originally from Boston?—————Lisa
  904. In NewsRadio, Matthew has a degree in which field?—————Dentistry
  905. Who is Dave’s assistant in NewsRadio?—————Beth
  906. Who is Dave’s boss in NewsRadio?—————Jimmy James
  907. “Everybody Loves Raymond” was broadcast on which network?—————CBS
  908. The twins in “Everybody Loves Raymond” are which character’s real-life relatives?—————Ally
  909. In “Everybody Loves Raymond”, Ray writes for which newspaper?—————Newsday
  910. What is the name of Robert’s second wife on “Everybody Loves Raymond”?—————Amy
  911. On “Everybody Loves Raymond”, Ally is a nickname for what?—————Alexandra
  912. What is Robert’s job on “Everybody Loves Raymond”?—————Police Officer
  913. “The King of Queens” aired for how many seasons?—————9
  914. What is Doug and Carrie’s last name on “The King of Queens”?—————Heffernan
  915. What restaurant is a frequent hangout on “The King of Queens”?—————Cooper’s Ale House
  916. What is the name of Doug’s cousin on “The King of Queens”?—————Danny
  917. Which Scrubs character never appeared in an episode during the last season?—————Carla
  918. Which Scrubs character one of only two regulars to appear the entire last season?—————Turk
  919. What is Carla’s nickname for J.D. on Scrubs?—————Bambi
  920. On Scrubs, who often refers to J.D. by a female name?—————Dr. Cox
  921. What is Turk’s first name on Scrubs?—————Christopher
  922. On Scrubs, Turk and J.D. met at which college?—————College of William and Mary
  923. What is J.D.’s first name on Scrubs?—————John
  924. Which Friends star plays Dr. Kelso’s replacement on Scrubs?—————Courteney Cox
  925. What is Elliot’s last name on Scrubs?—————Reid
  926. After being cancelled by NBC, Scrubs moved to which network?—————ABC
  927. What is Dwight doing during the opening credits in “The Office”?—————Shredding a credit card
  928. Which Office character is NOT played by one of the show’s writers?—————Angela
  929. Which Office character is played by one of the show’s casting associates?—————Phyllis
  930. What is the name of the receptionist who replaced Pam in “The Office”?—————Erin
  931. In “The Office”, Andy is originally from which Dunder Mifflin branch?—————Stamford
  932. In “The Office”, Andy is a graduate of which college?—————Cornell
  933. Which actor shot the exteriors in the title sequence of “The Office”?—————John Krasinski
  934. Dwight worked for which company after quitting Dunder Mifflin in “The Office”?—————Staples
  935. Which character on “The Office” had to attend anger management classes?—————Andy
  936. What is the name of Pam’s ex-fiancÈ in “The Office”?—————Roy
  937. What is Charlie’s occupation in “Two and a Half Men”?—————Jingle writer
  938. What is Alan’s occupation in “Two and a Half Men”?—————Chiropractor
  939. What is Jake’s mother’s name in “Two and a Half Men”?—————Judith
  940. What is the housekeeper’s name in “Two and a Half Men”?—————Berta
  941. “Two and a Half Men” did a cross-over episode with which show?—————CSI
  942. What one word is the theme song to “Two and a Half Men”?—————Men
  943. Charlie Sheen & Jon Cryer of “Two and a Half Men” starred together in what movie?—————Hot Shots
  944. Which “Two and a Half Men” star won an Acting Emmy for the show?—————Jon Cryer
  945. How many times has Alan been divorced on “Two and a Half Men”?—————2
  946. “Two and a Half Men”? is broadcast on which network?—————CBS
  947. How much is Earl’s winning lottery ticket on “My Name is Earl”?—————100,000
  948. On “My Name is Earl”, Earl hears about karma on which TV show?—————Last Call with Carson Daly
  949. “My Name is Earl” was cancelled after how many seasons?—————4
  950. “My Name is Earl” is set in which fictional county?—————Camden
  951. What is Earl’s ex-wife’s name on “My Name is Earl”?—————Joy
  952. What are the names of the Flanders children on “The Simpsons”?—————Rod and Todd
  953. What is the bus driver’s name on “The Simpsons”?—————Otto
  954. Where does Homer work on “The Simpsons”?—————Nuclear power plant
  955. What color does Lisa wear on “The Simpsons”?—————Red
  956. What is Lisa doing in the opening sequence of “The Simpsons”?—————Playing the saxophone
  957. “The Big Bang Theory” is set in which city?—————Pasadena
  958. How many sons are there in “Malcolm in the Middle”?—————5
  959. What is the last name of the family in “Malcolm in the Middle”?—————Wilkerson
  960. In “Malcolm in the Middle”, Lois works at which store?—————Lucky Aide
  961. What is the name of the theme song on “Malcolm in the Middle”?—————Boss of Me
  962. In “Malcolm in the Middle”, Francis attend military school in which state?—————Alabama
  963. In “Malcolm in the Middle”, Francis meets his future wife in which state?—————Alaska
  964. In “Malcolm in the Middle”, where does Malcolm go to college?—————Harvard
  965. “Malcolm in the Middle” aired on FOX for how many seasons?—————7
  966. Which sitcom did NOT take place in the Los Angeles area?—————Full House
  967. Which sitcom did NOT take place in the Chicago area?—————NewsRadio
  968. What is Joey’s last name in “Full House”?—————Gladstone
  969. What is the first name of the Tanners’ neighbor in “Full House”?—————Kimmy
  970. Who does Jesse marry in “Full House”?—————Becky
  971. Which sitcom is NOT set in New York City?—————Scrubs
  972. Which sitcom is set in a fictional city?—————Roseanne
  973. Which show was NOT broadcast on Thursday nights?—————Two and a Half Men
  974. Which show was broadcast on FOX?—————Malcolm in the Middle
  975. Which show has new episodes as of Fall 2010?—————Two and a Half Men
  976. On which night was “Will and Grace” primarily broadcast?—————Thursday
  977. On “Will and Grace”, where did Will and Grace meet?—————College
  978. Which university did Will and Grace both attend on “Will and Grace”?—————Columbia
  979. What is Karen’s job on “Will and Grace”?—————Grace’s assistant
  980. What was the name of Karen’s housekeeper in “Will and Grace”?—————Rosario
  981. Who did Karen’s housekeeper marry to avoid deportation in “Will and Grace”?—————Jack
  982. What was the name of Jack’s biological son on “Will and Grace”?—————Elliot
  983. Which sitcom did all actors playing the main characters win acting Emmys?—————Will and Grace
  984. Who played the mother of Jack’s son on “Will and Grace”?—————Rosie O’Donnell
  985. Which actor has NOT starred in a sitcom after Seinfeld?—————Jerry Seinfeld
  986. New episodes of “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” are broadcast on which network?—————FX
  987. “Modern Family” consists of how many related families?—————3
  988. In “That 70s Show”, who owned the Vista Cruiser?—————Eric
  989. In “That 70s Show”, where does Eric go to teach?—————Africa
  990. In “That 70s Show”, what is Kelso’s daughter’s name?—————Betsy
  991. What is the name of the town in “That 70s Show”?—————Point Place
  992. Which kid moves in with the Foremans in “That 70s Show”?—————Hyde
  993. Which sitcom is NOT set in a fictional city?—————The Office
  994. Who is the narrator of “Arrested Development”?—————Ron Howard
  995. What does the Bluth Company build in “Arrested Development”?—————Mini-mansions
  996. In “Arrested Development”, which character was actually adopted by the Bluths?—————Lindsay
  997. What is Buster’s real name in “Arrested Development”?—————Byron
  998. “How I Met Your Mother” is set in which city?—————New York
  999. Which character is narrating “How I Met Your Mother”?—————Ted
  1000. Lily teaches which grade in “How I Met Your Mother”?—————Kindergarten
  1001. What is Ted’s career field in “How I Met Your Mother”?—————Architecture
  1002. Lily briefly moves to which city to study art in “How I Met Your Mother”?—————San Francisco
  1003. What is the name of the bar in “How I Met Your Mother””—————MacLaren’s Bar

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