Albert Treasure Walkthrough

Albert Treasures Walkthrough for iPhone, iPad, iPod

Albert Game

Follow Albert through a whole day, from awakening to his trip in an air balloon, from the fun fair to a charming date with lovely Lili!

Help Albert with 20 beautifully and artistically designed adventures. Each steps gives you stars, starts give you access to the next steps. Easy and simple. Yet Albert will need all your dexterity and wit to help him complete 20 smart and fun levels. Blow a chewing-gum bubble with the microphone, throw the soap to the bathtub while tilting your device, use all your fingers to catch falling stars from the night sky, call the dog to catch a fish, etc. Kids love it, parents can’t resist it!

Stunningly made with a thousand hand-painted drawings by renowned french illustrator Chloé Mazio, Albert takes full advantage of the Retina display for a unique and totally novel visual experience. Moreover Albert uses a special holographic effect for extra graphic immersion. Tilt your device and enjoy Albert’s cool 3D effect. At last Albert also explores all the fun capacities of your device (multi-touch screen, microphone, speaker, accelerometer, speedometer) for smarter and funnier gaming.

Albert Game Review

One of the great game with nice graphic that support Retina display. It included some puzzle and some adventure game and 10 mini game. It is worth to buy all the mini game in In-App purchase. It is suitable for kids to play this game too. You need to find out all the treasures in the game too beside solve those games.

You need to archive 3 stars in every level in the game. Some of the game you need to use Voice, Tilt your iPhone or iPad, and some speedy skill of your fingers. It is really a fun and nice game.
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Download Albert App Game

Download: iPhone | iPad | iPod | Android | Windows Phone | Symbian | Blackberrry

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Albert Treasures Walkthrough

  1. Albert Treasure – Fish
  2. Albert Treasure – Black Demo Tape Cassette
  3. Albert Treasure – Green Turtle
  4. Albert Treasure – Pink Piggy
  5. Albert Treasure – Light blue Teapot
  6. Albert Treasure – Red Hat Dwarf doll
  7. Albert Treasure – Yellow Duck
  8. Albert Treasure – Blue White Red Ice Cream
  9. Albert Treasure – Gameboy
  10. Albert Treasure – Snail
  11. Albert Treasure – Red Fish
  12. Albert Treasure – Red Apple
  13. Albert Treasure – Ship, Yacht, Boat
  14. Albert Treasure – Cactus
  15. Albert Treasure – Comb
  16. Albert Treasure – Corkscrew
  17. Albert Treasure – Heart Glasses
  18. Albert Treasure – Banana
  19. Albert Treasure – Camera
  20. Albert Treasure – Guitar
  21. Albert Treasure – Globe
  22. Albert Treasure – Spoon
  23. Albert Treasure – White Cookie
  24. Albert Treasure – Huge Teddy Bear

Albert Treasure – Fish

Behind Albert back, Turn him around.

Albert Treasure Fish


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