Dooors 51 60 Walkthrough

Dooors Walkthrough Level 51-60 Update

Dooors Walkthrough Level 51-60 Update

This is the first Walkthrough game for iPhone device, and made in Japan. After this all of those 100 floors, 100 exits, 100 doors, 100 doors x, 100 gates, Can you open it … follow this kind of games. You need to use most of the function of your phone to solve the puzzle.

Finally it is the update for level 51-60. I’m going to share and explain every level with screenshots in here. Wish you people enjoy.

Download Dooors

If you haven’t download the newest version of the version or never play this game for iPhone, iPad, iPod before, you can download from here.

Free: iPhone | iPod | iPad | Android | Kindle | Blackberry | Windows Phone

Dooors Walkthrough

dooors level 60


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