How to stop people tagging in Facebook ?

How to stop tagging in facebook ?

Many of you received a lot of spam from Facebook that are from photo tagging. I feel that it is annoying too, people don’t like spam. Here is the setting in Facebook to stop being tagged and need your review before appear.

Access the Privacy Settings from the top right of your Facebook page.
Edit Settings in the How Tags Work.
Enable the Profile Review and Tag Review.

Then Done.
And, please do not add stranger to your Facebook too to prevent those spam.

Some of them may ask:

How do you stop people tagging you on facebook ?
how to stop tagged photos on facebook ?
How do I stop people from tagging me ?
how to stop people from tagging you ?
How to stop people tagging in Facebook ?
how to remove tags on facebook ?
how do i remove tagged photos of me on Facebook ?

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  • Thanks man , You are a life saver !

  • Pete

    This doesn’t stop people tagging you in photos, not any more anyway. You get an email asking if you want the tagging to be shown on your timeline.
    You still have to go to the original photograph and remove your tag from it.

  • Facebook Mention Tagging Blocker is an extension for google chrome will block mention and tags from all users or specific users…

    It’s available now in chrome store:


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