Llama or Duck Cheats

Llama or Duck Game Cheats

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Llama or Duck Game

Do you think you have the reflexes to play Llama Or Duck?! You have a split second to decide whether you’re looking at a llama…or a duck! See how far you can get before your fingers burn out!

Llama or Duck Review

How fast can you guess out that which one is Llama or Duck ? This is the game that speed test your eyes and your speed of your brain and your finger, try and try again then you will get the high score of the game. And the song is
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Llama Song

You can view the song from the youtube website that more than 13,000,000 view already.

Llama or Duck Download

Free: iPhone | iPod | iPad | Android | Windows Phone | Blackberry

Llama or Duck Cheats

We provide all the photos of the game to let you know that which one is Llama and which one is Duck, one of the photo is Squirrel. Then you can beat your friend for the higher score.

Llama or Duck – Duck

Llama or Duck Game Cheats - Duck

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