Stupidness 2 Pro Walkthrough

Stupidness 2 Pro Walkthrough for iPhone, iPad, iPod,

Last updated on November 24th, 2012 at 10:46 pm

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Stupidness 2 Pro Walkthrough, Solutions, Answers for iPhone, iPad, iPod

After the game What is your IQ become famous, many people likes this game too. I would like to share all the answers with solutions and answer, explain in screenshots, then you can finish the game with perfect score in fastest time.

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Stupidness 2 Pro Walkthrough

  1. Tap the red circle 3 times.
  2. Which number is bigger?
  3. Which is hotter?
  4. Pop the balloons from left to right.
  5. How many questions have you answered so far?
  6. Which screw needs a bigger screwdriver?
  7. Take the lift up.
  8. Tap in this order – 13, 25, 14, 18, 9, 10.
  9. Tap anywhere.
  10. Tap the circle exactly 13 times!
  11. Take the lift down.
  12. Take a photo of the monkey.
  13. Put this elephant into the fridge.
  14. I am 3 years old now.
  15. What’s the highest floor the lift can reach?
  16. Turn the light off.
  17. Wake him up.
  18. Tap from lowest number to highest.
  19. Turn the light on.
  20. The man went to sleep again! How many z appears?
  21. Help the chicken cross the road.
  22. Signal no smoking.
  23. What color is the shoes?
  24. How many owls are there?
  25. Help the chicken cross the road again.
  26. Nail it down!
  27. Pick up the right skill.
  28. Pick up 4 oranges.
  29. Tap on the wrong owl.
  30. Tap the tick to fail.
  31. Who is smarter?
  32. Tap the gold bars.
  33. Block the sun.
  34. Pay exact please.
  35. Tap the red circle three times.
  36. Bring 4 balls above the line.
  37. Where’s the north?
  38. Fix the traffic light.
  39. Tap continue when it appears.
  40. Don’t let the phone drop on the floor!
  41. Quick! Tap the red circle 3 times.
  42. Loosen the nut.
  43. How many of pair of twins are there?
  44. Press next to go back.
  45. Put the book on the table.
  46. The right thumbprint will proceed.
  47. Complete the download.
  48. What’s on the back of the paper?
  49. Use more strength to lift the weight up.
  50. What’s the code at the back of the paper?
  51. Save the penguin
  52. How many diamonds are there?
  53. Hide the elephant.
  54. Where is the triangle?
  55. Follow the instructions.
  56. Try to move this.
  57. Close the circuit.
  58. Make the equation correct.
  59. Straighten the painting.
  60. Do the opposite.
  61. Put everything into the box.
  62. Tap and hold the blue circle.
  63. Which one has 4 holes?
  64. Get everything out of the box.
  65. Who is lighter?
  66. Tap the red twice, green 3 times, blue button once then press done.
  67. Take a left turn then right.
  68. Complete the statement
  69. Fan the fire.
  70. Press next to continue.
  71. Which is nearest to earth?
  72. Shift the letter A?
  73. Tap on the sock.
  74. Rub off the elephant.
  75. Tap them in order.
  76. Open the champagne.
  77. Which tree is taller?
  78. Which toilet has a longer queue?
  79. How many bananas are there?
  80. Crack the egg.

Stupidness Level 1

Next Level

Tap the red circle 3 times.

Stupidness 2 Pro Cheats Level 1


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