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How to limit PhotoStream upload speed in Mac OS X ?

How to limit PhotoStream upload speed in Mac OS X

I was using 10MB Down / 1MB Up ADSL speed in my country. It is normal speed in here, enough us to view 1080p in YouTube smoothly and playing online game and share photos smoothly in here.

Today after I imported my photos from Nikon 5100 using iPhoto, it is around 500MB, with RAW files. It will upload to PhotoStream automatically like normal.

But I feel that the Internet speed very slowly after a while. Then I check some information in the Activity Monitor. I found that the PhotoStream take all the bandwidth to the internet.
Even it is using 125Kb/s, it will bring down the Download speed.

Some people may use the solution that to KILL the PhotoStream in console. But I’m not recommend it. Because I’ve found a better way to share with you.

View Bandwidth Usage in Activity Monitor

I would like to guide you to Limit the Upload speed for the PhotoStream. You may use this way to Limit the speed to other applications too.

  1. I open up the Activity Monitor App then to view the upload speed from the PhotoStream
  2. Then double click on the PhotoStream

  1. Click on the Open Files and Ports
  2. Then we can know that which port PhotoStream are using.
  3. I drag to the bottom and saw these lines>s3-ap-southeast-1-w.amazonaws.com:https>>s3-ap-southeast-1-w.amazonaws.com:https

I just know that iCloud is using Amazon server and using https port.

Normally the HTTPS is using 443 port.

So now I need a app that can limit the Upload speed for the PhotoStream.

Download Entonnoir for Mac OS X Free

I recommended Entonnoir for Mac OS X

It can be download from here

Requirements: Intel or PowerPC. Mac OS X 10.4 or higher.

  1. After download, you drag it to your Application in the Finder.
  2. Then set add Port 443, limit to 50 or below Upload
  3. Then Throttling ON ( Green Color )
  4. After that you try to view in the Activity Monitor again, you can see the upload speed limit directly.

Leave any comment if you do not understand on this.

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