Impossible Test Summer Answers

Impossible Test Summer Answers

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Impossible Test Summer

The 4th game in ‘The Impossible Test’ series with over 20,000,000 downloads!

Play through 30 all new summer themed questions and unlock 7 different medals!

Impossible Test Review

One of the funny quiz game that you may impossible to pass all the level easily. You must have high IQ and some of the questions are really stupid. But it is very fun if you try to test on your friends.

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Impossible Test Summer Answers

  1. Which theme isn’t this game?
  2. Touch anywhere to continue
  3. Inflate the beach ball 15 times
  4. Touch the left flip flop
  5. Remember these flavors
  6. Make the can explode
  7. Tap the ice cream in the correct order
  8. Clean the surfboard
  9. Tap the highest match
  10. Swat the fly
  11. Toast the marshmellows
  12. Water the seeds
  13. Tap 3 kites
  14. Turn up the volume
  15. How many matches weren’t there?
  16. Stop the frozen treats from melting
  17. Touch the watermelon
  18. Quick! Stop the ants!
  19. Buy sunglasses for $222
  20. Launch the airplane
  21. Touch the piece that doesn’t fit in
  22. Mow the lawn
  23. Make 2 glasses of lemonade
  24. Set the AC to 72 degrees
  25. Open the umbrella
  26. Launch the tennis ball
  27. Touch the bee
  28. How many beehives did you move?
  29. Turn day into night
  30. Turn off the fan

Impossible Test Level 1

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Impossible Test Summer Level 1


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