Doors and Rooms Chapter 5 Cheats

Doors and Rooms Chapter 5 The Kingdom Cheats

Last updated on January 21st, 2013 at 04:33 am

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Doors and Rooms Chapter 5 The Kingdom Cheats

Doors & Rooms has been updated for the new Chapter, The Kingdom, for this Christmas Season. Wish you all can solve all puzzle in the game easily,
so we would like to share the explanation solution of each level for you. In this Chapter, most of the level using special puzzle.
We provide step by step guide to solve all the puzzle in easier way.
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Doors & Rooms Level 5-1

Next Level

Doors Rooms The Kingdom Level 5 1

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9 thoughts on “Doors and Rooms Chapter 5 The Kingdom Cheats”

  1. For the last puzzle of this level, I’ve discovered that there is only ONE exact answer where you have to tap 9 of the squares. It doesn’t matter in what order you tap them, just as long as each one of those designated are tapped.

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