How to cheat on Ruzzle ?

How to cheat on Ruzzle

When you are playing the Top 10 Words game in iPhone, you are wondering how your friends could gain so high score in every match, maybe they are using the cheat or some words solver.

We could tell you that, they are using the Ruzzle Cheats from
If you use the cheat, you still need best skill on your fingers, to finish all the words. Normally people cannot finish all the words in 2 minutes, you just could try to solve the words that using longer and higher score words.

Ruzzle Cheat

You can gain highest score from here, there are 10 languages there, I will update once the language updated. How people cheat on Ruzzle ? The Ruzzle Cheat from Words-Solver create the answers words list with path line easy to use finger to solve those answers.

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  • Pam

    can opponants score on the same word?

  • grannyminibe

    Can oponants use the same words in a round?

  • grannyminibe

    Can oponants use the same words in a round?

  • Aidan Murphy

    Why would you want to cheat? Doesn’t prove you’re good, just dishonest. Boring. If you can’t play well, try something else.

  • Lee

    Yes. They battle the same grid.

  • frd

    Not cool. I just started playing now this makes me stop.

  • Shanice Jones

    i did not know you can even cheat in a game like this

  • Ron

    You cheaters are pathetic. What enjoyment do you get out of this? Are you that insecure that you have to “prove” to your friends (or random strangers) how smart you are?

  • scrappy

    i am not looking for a cheat but rather for some kind of tips or advice on how to play better – i’m getting killed by my brother and sister in law and i know i can beat them

  • Timi

    Why play a word game and then cheat? Just proves to your friends that you’re stupid and cant play on your own hahaha

  • MTahari

    It’s a game of verbal skill not winning dishonestly. What’s the point? Go cheat on temple run!

  • Blah blah…yes it IS challenging to play a games amostlynd win honestly …but there are those few times that you just want to pull some tricks from your ssleeves …after been losing to the same Jerk over and over

  • NObuo

    I only use it against one of my friend , he thinks that i’m stupid , and I didn’t saw him play ruzzle with this site ! I know him pretty well and i know that if i asked him to explain the words he have been putting up , he will not sucessed !! sorry if my english is rusty , i’m from Brazil!!

  • Ellie

    I’d rather lose honestly than win by cheating.

  • Andrew

    How fool are you? Why cheat

  • Aidan

    Maybe the jerk is just better than you are. Accept it and move on. I really enjoy word games and am really frustrated by the number of cheaters that are out there. Ruins it for the rest of us. Sad. And pathetic, definitely..

  • I had a dummy or two cheat on me playing ruzzel I knew that they cheated because they dumb as a bag of rocks!

  • mike

    I don’t know how you could cheat?

  • awareness

    Try “TRACE WORD GAME” for Apple iOS. No more cheats are possible since the matrix is 20 rows x 4 cols and change on each word found, like a tetris. Again no boosts inside.


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