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How to cheat on Ruzzle ?

Last updated on January 3rd, 2013 at 04:35 am

How to cheat on Ruzzle

When you are playing the Top 10 Words game in iPhone, you are wondering how your friends could gain so high score in every match, maybe they are using the cheat or some words solver.

We could tell you that, they are using the Ruzzle Cheats from
If you use the cheat, you still need best skill on your fingers, to finish all the words. Normally people cannot finish all the words in 2 minutes, you just could try to solve the words that using longer and higher score words.

Ruzzle Cheat

You can gain highest score from here, there are 10 languages there, I will update once the language updated. How people cheat on Ruzzle ? The Ruzzle Cheat from Words-Solver create the answers words list with path line easy to use finger to solve those answers.