Impossible Test 2 Answers

Impossible Test 2 Answers for iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle

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The Impossible Test 2!

By PixelCUBE Studios
Designed from the ground up to be more awesome in every way! Better graphics, sounds, harder questions, more ways to play, and tons more!

Swipe, tap, drag, tilt and shake your way through all new mind-boggling questions!

Impossible Test 2 Answers

One of the best Quiz game that hit every Mobile App Device. The author of Impossible Test, PixelCUBE, always bring you fun and headache question to you. It is very difficult to pass all level. This version do not have Check Point, anything wrong, you have to restart all the game again. Wish these answers could help you beat all the level in the game.

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Download Impossible Test 2

Download: iPhone | iPad | iPod | Android | Kindle | Windows Phone | Symbian | Blackberry

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Impossible Test 2 Cheats

  1. Tap the inverted circle
  2. Read today’s newspaper and then tap it
  3. Tap the bigger one
  4. Remove the pencil
  5. Match the socks
  6. Light the candle
  7. Sort the people
  8. Tap the middle arrow after 7 seconds
  9. Break the bricks
  10. Tap the green marker
  11. Put the garbage in the bin
  12. Tap the bills from lowest to highest
  13. Inflate the tire
  14. Count the tickets in 10 seconds
  15. which glass has the most time left?
  16. Tap the bubbles in the right order
  17. Take a candy
  18. How many candies were in the jar?
  19. Put all the targets on top of the middle one
  20. clean the glasses
  21. Stop ONLY the yellow gear from spinning
  22. Memorize the image and then tap it
  23. Touch the stars in alphabetical order
  24. Make a chocolate and vanilla swirl
  25. Make the duck quack
  26. Which OTHER was trying to get into the washroom?
  27. Tap continue to continue
  28. Put the ballons in straight line
  29. Touch the button without getting cut
  30. Touch all the left/right arrows on the left/right half to the screen (hint: it’s mirrored)
  31. Catch Freddie!
  32. Make a PPPPJJPPP sandwhich
  33. Find the happy face
  34. Follow the instructions
  35. Brush the teeth
  36. Get the tennis balls back
  37. Tap the 3rd grape from the top
  38. Touch the smallest number
  39. How many people can watch the movie?
  40. Stop the school bus
  41. How many triangles are there?
  42. Catch the toast
  43. Take a couple free lives
  44. Call Number
  45. Cloud
  46. Put everything on the scale
  47. Tap the enemies from lowest to highest according to the number of spikes
  48. What’s the date today?
  49. Cut the right wire
  50. Press the button to bring back colour

Impossible Test – Tap the inverted circle

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Impssible Test 2 - Tap the inverted circle


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  1. Sure thing. The way you do it is you:
    1. Touch the “6 bajillion” dollar bill on the left.
    2. Turn the device over and tap “$9 bajillion” when it appears on the bill.

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