Tap Play Walkthrough for Android

Tap Play Game

Interesting and amazing journey into the world of puzzles!
Advance to the next stage by pressing the PLAY button.

Just solve mini puzzles use your logic, dexterity and your desire to enjoy the game.

Tap Play Review

One of the interesting Puzzle game by Tap your screen and play for every worlds.
You need to solve perfectly then you can gain 3 stars in every levels. We’ve solved all the levels and share the 3 stars solution for you.

Download Tap Play

Free: iPhone | iPad | iPod | Android | Windows Phone | Blackberry | Symbian

Tap Play World 1

Tap Play World 2

Tap Play World 3

Tap Play World 4

Tap Play Level 1-1


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Tap Play Level 1-1

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  • dah

    this is wrong


    this is right

  • Melanie

    No its not

  • hiya


  • Roygsl

    not working

  • Roygsl

    not working

  • No One


  • its not working…the bomb explodes before the target.. .:(

  • chef

    you guys know you all can be talking about diffrent levels right because your not commenting on a level its the page your commenting on.

  • Me

    Finally :)

  • a7029

    how did u learn the answer i was trying ti figure out how but couldnt please tell me


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