How to Cheat at Wordament using Wordament Solver

How to Cheat at Wordament using Wordament Solver

You are wondering why some people can score highest scoring in the Wordament Game in the leader board. Maybe some of them are cheaters, they are using the Wordament Sovler to generate all the words with direction and choose the highest score word to solve in the game.

Wordament Solver

You could find the Wordament Solver in


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  • khpdave

    I’m confused. Is the goal of Wordament to build critical thinking skills or to cheat. There’s only two reasons for cheating at a game of skill; 1) to obtain unearned high scores, or 2) to deprive others from obtaining deserved high scores. Neither reason would be satisfying for me.

  • JMH21

    The game is not worth playing because so many are cheating and I fail to see the point of cheating on a computer game with a made up name with no prize. They are only fooling themselves.


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