[Solved]Please insert Disk AdobeMasterCollection5-trial-English to continue

Last updated on December 1st, 2010 at 12:45 am

Are you facing this problem ?
Please insert Disk Adobe Master Collection 5 Trial English to continue, but your CD or your Virtual drive ISO CD is on the drive ?

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No problem, after you mount the ISO or after insert you CD, copy all the files or the folder “Adobe CS5 Master Collection” to your hard drive and installing from it.

This solution apply to

  • Windows 7 x64
  • Windows 7 x86
  • Windows Vista x64
  • Windows Vista x86
  • Windows XP

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81 thoughts on “[Solved]Please insert Disk AdobeMasterCollection5-trial-English to continue”

  1. it works for me also… copy all the installation file to a folder and installl.. walah!!! it works fine. thanks mrs. posser…

  2. Wow. Well, that was two or so days wasted trying to figure out something that damn easy. Just put it on the root of C in a folder called CS5, install it from there, no problem.



  3. Hi guys, I am using fresh Win 7/64bit. I tried this method and many other available at different sites but of no help. My installations stops while installing: payloads:Microsoft_VC90_MFC_x86_x64
    error: please insert disk adobe master collection5-trial-english to continue

    Is that anyone can send me the files of payloads:Microsoft_VC90_MFC_x86_x64 ??
    Can anyone help??


  4. please insert disk AdobeMasterCollection5 contiental europa, porque me sale este error lo instale normal en una pc, pero cuando intente instalarlo en otra me salió este mensaje, ayuda porfavor, que puedo hacer

  5. yes worked for me .. just copied from iso image of adobecreativesuite5.5 to hard disk ..thanks mate ..

  6. Had the same problem, i tried to copy it to the C: drive but it didnt work. The solution was to put the content of the disk on a removable drive/network drive. And it worked fine.

  7. Works PERFECTLY!
    You have right click the DRIVE and choose COPY so it’ll make a folder called “Adobe CS5.5” Mas with an inside folder called “Adobe CS5_5”.
    If you just copied “Adobe CS5_5” then it’s not going to work.

    Thank you very much :)

  8. If you started to install from the local drive and then prompted for a second disc, just copy the whole folder AdobeCS5 to the root of C:\ and hit Continue.

  9. It doesn’t work for me. :(. I tried several times, cleaned with adobe cleaner and tried again, but doesn’t help. Does anyone have another suggestions?

  10. have gone through hell lot of suggestions, sites and days to figure out the Defect. Can anyone please tell me
    1) the folder name u are copying to ;
    2) the size of Set-Up file that u use to install CS5.
    i think that .exe is messed up. it would be of very much Help if someone could mail me that file.

  11. I’m encountering this error and I started the entire installation from source directories already resident on the hard drive.
    Adobe.com recommends ensuring all “conflicting” processes are closed since the installing applications may be attempting to access an open app like part of your Internet browser or any of the 1,000’s of other things Windows accesses in the background.
    Try this article on for size if you’re still having issues after following Justin’s excellent advice:

  12. i did as u guys did it but ut didnt work,or did i copy the folders in wrong place,cause copied it on c:\programing files\adobe, thats where i put it,or should i copy it on c\ only please help any body,i just need directons thats all the next stuffs ima proced maself….

  13. i did as u guys did it but ut didnt work,or did i copy the folders in wrong place,cause copied it on c:\programing files\adobe, thats where i put it,or should i copy it on c\ only please help any body,i just need directons thats all the next stuffs ima proced maself….

  14. there are 2 dvd disk installer in Adobe CS5, every time error appears (please insert disk adobemastercollection5-trial-english to continue) you need to insert the other disk and vice – versa ’till finish….

  15. I don’t believe it lol – that was easy, i struggled wth iso’s, dvd’s, drive names, usb’s and junk for i don’t know how long… i had to copy disk 2 into the payloads folder as well and it worked… I don’t know why i didn’t google this problem when it first happened.

  16. sir ! earlier i have installed adobe cs5 master collection with the set up file in my hard drive . once i  un-insatlled  it ,
    again i wanted to install it . i’m getting the problem  what to do ? 
    i don’t have the set up in cd or dvd  !!!

  17. I also have this  problem in installing adobe design premium CS5 on my new lap top, windows 8.1.
    I copied alle the files to my hard drive as advised, but still no go.
    Does anyone have a solution?

  18. THE REAL SOLUTION Modify the Setup.xml in the hard drive folder location.
    Using Finder, navigate to the payloads folder in the hard drive folder location.
    Open Setup.xml in a text editor (such as TextEdit.)
    Search for the xml tag .
    Delete the content between the opening tag and the closing tag .
    Save the xml file.
    Using Finder, navigate to the root of the hard drive folder location and double click on Setup.

  19. Use Daemon tool lite to run firs cd1 e only in a second time (when installation ask you) cd2.nothing to change about crack use. Deleting information from xml file my installation crushed.

  20. Adobe master collection cs6 install error…. In process time, “please insert disk adobe master collection 6 englishjapan to continue ” ………. Note- adobe mastercollection6 soft copy stored in pendrive……… pls reply me

  21. please explain in detail, i am stupid please use simple words. what exactly i have to write and where exactly i have to click.

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