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Why my flash is above my menu ?

Many developer make this mistake. While we mouse over the menu, the flash movie or flash animation above the html menu and we are not able to click it.

Why the flash blocked my menu ?
Why the swf above the html ?
Why the advertisement flash above all the things ?

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Lightroom lens correction distortion

  • Why LightRoom bents my image ?
  • Why my photo distortion ?
  • Why LightRoom do not have my lens profile ?
  • Adobe Photoshop Lightroom lens correction problem.
  • Where to download camera profiles ?
  • Download Adobe Lens Profile
  • Adobe Lens Profile Downloader
  • HS-10 RAW pictures getting warped on import

Here is my solution to share with you.

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[Solved]Package adobe-flashplugin is virtual on 64bit Ubuntu 10.04

I’m setting up 64bit Ubuntu 10.04 LTS today and received this error “adobe-flashplugin is virtual”, which is listed here: The fix was simple. Following the directions found here:

You just need to install the 64 bit version from the PPA by executing the following:

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[Solved]Please insert Disk AdobeMasterCollection5-trial-English to continue

Are you facing this problem ?

Please insert Disk Adobe Master Collection 5 Trial English to continue, but your CD or your Virtual drive ISO CD is on the drive ?

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[Solved] Please insert Adobe After Effects CS3 to continue installation

If you have this error, just copy all the files from the CD to your Hardisk and redo the installtion.

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