Upload Video to Facebook with bandwidth Limit

Last updated on December 1st, 2010 at 12:28 am

Most people are using HD or Full HD now days, and we like to share to the video to the social network. After shoot and edit, the final part sure share to your friends or family or to your social. Most of us like to upload video to Facebook, Youtube, Justin.tv, MetaCafe or those media sharing website.

People likes HD. 720p HD Video mostly in big size, 5 minutes 720p HD Video can take up to 300MB. If you cut down to 360p Video, it also need take up to 150MB. I’m sure the video that you recorded not less than this 5 minutes. Sure you have more than a GB video in your Hard disk.

Unless you have super fast upload speed, but for normal user in home or share network, the upload speed is limited, some more may sharing with family or friends. While you upload a video file, you may take all the bandwidth, and I’m sure you get complain from other share users. Another problem is, while you uploading video, you can’t even surf the net, because it take away all your bandwidth.

So, today I have an idea to share. I would like you to upload video without disturb anyone or disturb any job that you are currently doing.

I assume that you are using Google Chrome or FireFox 4.

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1. Install FireFox 3
Why I choose the old version of Firefox ? Because the Plugin support to this version currently, maybe upgrade in future ? Please install the FireFox 3 to another path if you are using FireFox 3. You can download from here. Install it.

2. Install FireFox Add-On ( Plugin ) – Firefox Throttle 1.1.6
Donwload the FireFox Plugin FireFox Throttle 1.1.6 from here. This is the current version while I’m writing in here. Install this plugin into your FireFox 3 and active ( enable ) it.

3. Setting the  Firefox Throttle Add-On ( Plugin )
In the FireFox 3,

  • Tools …
  • Add-Ons …
  • Click Enable
  • Click Options

The Option will bring up a window, you can see Throttle Download / Throttle Upload / Allow short rate … / Display throttling ….

Check on Throttle Upload and set it to 50000 Byte/s then your upload speed will 50Kb/s. If you need higher then set it higher than this value.

Check on Allow short rate “bursting” after periods of inactivity.

Check on Display throttling panel in the status bar. ( You will see the status while you upload /download on the bottom right of your FireFox 3. )
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You can now login to your social network or Facebook/YouTube or any media sharing to start upload your video using the FireFox 3. Then you can surf the net normally using Google Chrome or FireFox 4 or Internet Explorer.


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