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Strange Sea Life

Strange and weird sea life found the ocean nearby me. It look likes Sea Cucumber, but I can’t find similar photos in Google. Anyone know what is this, please let me know, thank you. It is soft, in yellow color. It do have 2 black point and look like a pair of eyes, but I …

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Update server with custombuild to DirectAdmin 1.36.2

Update server with custombuild to DirectAdmin 1.36.2 cd /usr/local/directadmin/custombuild ./build clean ./build options ./build versions ./build update_versions [[email protected] custombuild]# ./build clean [[email protected] custombuild]# ./build options Apache: 2.2.17 Dovecot: 1.2.16 AWstats: no exim.conf update: no SpamAssassin: no MySQL: 5.1.53 MySQL backup: no PHP: 5.2.15 as CLI with mail() header patch phpMyAdmin: ProFTPD: 1.3.3c Pure-FTPd: no …

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Garena Server Down ?

Is Garena Server Down ? If you people are playing from Garena.com you may face the problem past few hours. I think the dns problem. Here is the solution. Goto the Gerena Folder path, normally in C:\Program Files (x86)\Garena Edit the file server.xml using NotePad or UltraEdit or any editor Change the file to

Slow Motion Dolphin Show

This video is taken using Fujifilm HS-10 in High Speed Mode 240fps. But the resolution maximum is 442×332 for 240fps. This camera do have these few modes. 1000fps – 224×64 480fps – 224×168 240fps – 442×332 120fps – 640×480 60fps- 1280×720 If you are looking for High Speed camera with full resolution, you can go …

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Fujifilm FinePix HS10 / HS11 firmware update Ver.1.04

The firmware update Ver.1.04 incorporates the following item. 1. Custom white balance can be set correctly when an external flash is mounted. 2. On slide show mode, sound of movie recording data can be performed on the HDTV which is connected with the camera via HDMI interface.