Dolphin Show

Slow Motion Dolphin Show

This video is taken using Fujifilm HS-10 in High Speed Mode 240fps. But the resolution maximum is 442×332 for 240fps. This camera do have these few modes.

  • 1000fps – 224×64
  • 480fps – 224×168
  • 240fps – 442×332
  • 120fps – 640×480
  • 60fps- 1280×720

If you are looking for High Speed camera with full resolution, you can go for Phantom camera
Remember this is a budget camera but it can play with some high speed video function.
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This video was captured in Oasis Sea World, Laem Sing, Chanthaburi, Thailand. After capture, I import to my computer and editing using Adobe Premiere Pro CS5, trim out the unwanted scenes and export using Adobe Encore CS5 and upload to Youtube.
Dolphin Show

How do I find the background music ? It is very simple, just search some MIDI music in google, after listen, and if you like it, then copy to your hard disk and import to Apple iTunes, convert it to mp3, then you can import to Adobe Premiere Pro. If you use some mp3, I think Youtube may remove your background music because of the copyright of the music.

Please share this video to your friends if you like this, Thank you.
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