If I tell people here is my country, I think they not dare to come.

If I tell people here is my country, I think they not dare to come. I’ve been living in Thailand for 5 years, I never hear and see this happen in here before. The gold shop here, no need police or guard, the bank in here no need police and guard here. The gold shop here no need lock them self like a jail too. In here, I can put my bag or some cycling coin in my car without anything happen. But, every time I go back to my country, my friend tell me must make sure that there is nothing left in my car, even an empty bag, people will break your window within second in anytime, in every where.

Guys, any solution for this case happen ? I’m not talking bad to my country, but the public safety is in serious problem, this happen often around my friends. Every time I go back to my home, I need to see around any suspicious people around before I open the door. And, another house has been visited by thieves for 3 times, my friend’s house too. Wish there will have some solution for the public safety in here.

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