Why My Google Chrome Canary cannot run ?

Why My Google Chrome Canary cannot run ?
May users facing the same problem like

  • Google Chrome Canary refuses to launch on Windows 7 64-bit
  • Why my chrome keep crashing
  • Why my chrome not working
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  • Why My Google Chrome Canary cannot run ?

Most of them report as
Version: Google Chrome Canary 12.0.726.0
OS: Windows 7 64-bit
Error Message: None, executing the program yields absolutely no results
Extensions Installed: One Number, Google Dictionary, Google Voice, AdBlock (however the problem has been reproduced with no extensions)

Normally Google Chrome upgarding in background, and yesterday 05/04/2001 version crash the extension part, so cause the Google Chrome Canary Build cannot be run.

Here is the solution to run the Chrome Canary again.

1. Download again the lastest version from here.

2. Disable the extension by using ( –disable-extensions flag ). Click Windows Start, Program Files tab , Google Chrome Canary Build, Right click on the Google Chrome Canary Build Icon, and Please follow the image below.

3. View the Google Chrome Canary Build latest blog post from here.

4. If still cannot run, you have to wait the next release.

** Please remove the –disable-extensions flag after the upgraded version of Google Chrome Canary Build release, because this flag will disable you access to the extensions.


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