Flow Free Blue Pack

Flow Game Blue Pack Walkthrough

Last updated on November 12th, 2012 at 07:41 pm

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Flow Game Blue Pack

This is the solution for the Blue Pack inside the In-App purchase. It is more challenge then the Flow Free. I suggest you buy the Blue Pack if you like this game, it will cost you $0.90 only and you can support the original creator.

Flow Game Blue Pack Cheats

I’m going to share you the solutions that I’ve finish the game within 1 hours, 150 levels and capture the screen for you. Try your best before viewing the answers from here. Wish you will enjoy this game.

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Flow Game Blue Pack Cheats for 5×5

Flow Game Blue Pack Cheats for 6×6

Flow Game Blue Pack Cheats for 7×7

Flow Game Blue Pack Cheats for 8×8

Flow Game Blue Pack Cheats for 9×9

Flow Blue Pack Cheat for 5×5 Level 1

Next Level

Flow Game Blue Pack 5x5 Level 01

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