Flow Game Jumbo Pack iPad Answers

Flow Game Jumbo Pack iPad

This is the answers for the Jumbo Pack iPad inside the In-App purchase.
There are :

  • 10×10 – Hard
  • 11×11
  • 12×12 – Harder
  • 13×13
  • 14×14 – Hardest

In this game, it is more suitable to play in iPad, but I’ve finished all using iPhone 4s, always touch wrong the other line of the colors, but I still can solve all of them and share to you here.

It is more challenge then the Flow Free. I suggest you buy the Jumbo Pack iPad if you like this game, it will cost you $0.90 only and you can support the original creator.

Flow Game Jumbo Pack iPad Cheats

I’m going to share you the solutions that I’ve finish the game within 1 hours, 150 levels and capture the screen for you. Try your best before viewing the answers from here. Wish you will enjoy this game.

Flow Game Jumbo Pack iPad Cheats for 10×10

Flow Game Jumbo Pack iPad Cheats for 11×11

Flow Game Jumbo Pack iPad Cheats for 12×12

Flow Game Jumbo Pack iPad Cheats for 13×13

Flow Game Jumbo Pack iPad Cheats for 14×14

Flow Jumbo Pack iPad Cheat for 10×10 Level 1

Next Level

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  • Thank you… so much… Very helpful!!!

  • Maraa

    Your pink pack ipad doesnt work

  • Maraa

    There isnt a pink pack ipad… When i go on it it takes me to jumbo pack ipad

  • Rhonda

    Yeah! This isn’t the pink pack! Help!

  • Microbat

    I’ve figured out that there’s always a way of solving these puzzles without going past a line with the same colour. I’ve done so with all of the others apart from this one. This is wrong. There must be a *right* way of doing this.

  • MissBee

    I have a different solution. How do I share it?

  • DanielCS

    I figured out the “right way” too without doubling back by the same line.


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