Photo in RAW

Why you should shoot in RAW

Why you should shoot in RAW
Why you should shoot Photo in RAW

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Here is some of my idea, why should you shoot in RAW. I just want to share out this idea, if you are professional, you could skip to read this.
Every photo that you shoot, should be meaningful or have some valuable memories for you. So, you should keep the highest quality to it.

You maybe just start to use RAW software like LightRoom or Photoshop or Camera bundle software, but during this time, your skill of the software is not good enough.
Photo in RAW
Because I know after 2-3 years, your skill will be improve and better than now. So, you could try to edit and adjust your old photo again, and the output of the photo will be different again.

So,keep the highest quality as you can, then you won’t feel regret in the future. Unless you want to said those photos are not meaningful for you, then I’ve nothing to say.

The price of the Hard disk drive isn’t expensive like before, the minimium storage at least 500GB, you are impossible to full the hard disk drive in short time.

If you lazy to convert those photos, try RAW+JPG in the setting of your camera.

And, the dynamic range of the photo, I mean the darkest and lightest part of the photo could be recover again by using software.
Then the white balance, you are impossible to set every white balance for your photo while you shooting, normally you will use the AUTO by the camera, but sometimes it is not accurate, so if you use RAW, you can adjust using the software without image quality loss.

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