error in

error in
Installation aborted.

If you see this error on your Android device while flashing or upgrading ROM.

Some example output for the errors:

Android system recovery <0.5.2>
— Samsung Spica i5700 —
Use Up/Down and OK to select

Reboot system now [Home+Back]
Apply sdcard/update.xip
Apply any zip from SD
Opening update package…
Verifying update package…
Installing update…
Deleting files…
Deleting files…
Deleting files…
Deleting files…
Deleting files…
Copying files…
Copying files…
E:Error in
(status 65280)
E:Failure at line 21>
Installation aborted

E: Error in (Status 65280)
E: Failure at line 21:run_program
Installation aborted.




I’ve solve by using this way.

  • Shut down your Android Phone
  • Open the back cover
  • Take your your SDcard
  • Copy all files backup to your PC
  • Format the SD card.

You will solve this problem, then after you install your Android successfully, only copy all those files back.

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