C3222 I5700

How to transfer phone book from Android Phone to Samsung C3222 ?

How to transfer phone book from Android Phone to Samsung C3222 ?

How to transfer phone book, contacts from
Android 1.5
Android 1.6
Android 2.1
Android 2.2
Android 2.3
to a normal Samsung Phone (non-Android Phone) like

Samsung GT-C3222 ( Punch 2 Sims )
Samsung S3350 ( Punch Wifi ) ( Ch@t 335 )
Samsung C3530

C3222 I5700
Some people may ask why I down grade the phone ? Actually that Samsung GT-C3222 is a good phone, it cost only 3,590 Baht, and support for 2 sims and have longer talking time. It is a good business phone.
The Android phone, Samsung Spica I5700 now become a toy, for reading news, facebook, and playing some games. The battery life is terrible, must charge once per day. But the GT-3222 can use up to few days.

I just transfer the phone book from Android Phone, Samsung Galaxy Spica ( GT-i5700 ) to Samsung Punch 2SIMS ( GT-C3222 ).

Here is the step that I did just now.
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1. Install the app from Android Market, called ‘UiA – Backup Contacts’, it is free of charge.
2. Open the app, UiA – Backup contacts, and click the Backup, it will export all your contacts to a cvs-file and stored like /sdcard/Backup.Contacts.02.23.11.cvs
3. Transfer the file Backup.Contacts.02.23.11.cvs by using USB or plug the memory card ( SD card ) to your PC.
4. Install Samsung New PC Studio.
5. Set the Samsung C3222 to connect as PC Studio while connect with USB in the phone.
6. Plugin your the Samsung C3222 using USB cable to PC, it will install the driver automaticly.
7. After connect, click on the Phone Book
8. Menu… Import from PC… Choose the file, Backup.Contacts.02.23.11.cvs
9. Click Import.
10. Select Unicode ( UTF-8 ) as your enchoding method.
11. Follow the field below
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Last name = Family Name
First name = Name
Display name = Given Name
Phone number 1 ( Type ) = Phone 1 – Type
Phone number 1 ( Number ) = Phone 1 – Value
Phone number 2 ( Type ) = Phone 2 – Type
Phone number 2 ( Number ) = Phone 2 – Value
Phone number 3 ( Type ) = Phone 3 – Type
Phone number 3 ( Number ) = Phone 3 – Value
Phone number 4 ( Type ) = Phone 4 – Type
Phone number 4 ( Number ) = Phone 4 – Value
Email1 ( Type ) = E-mail 1 – Type
Email1 ( Address ) = E-mail 1 – Value
Email2 ( Type ) = E-mail 2 – Type
Email2 ( Address ) = E-mail 2 – Value

If you have other informations, please choose those field that have data. You could open using Microsoft Excel first before doing this part.

12. After that, click OK, it will start import, if any error, you can delete those imported phone number, and re-do again.
13. After confirm no error, click the button “=> Phone”. It will transfer all this numbers to your phone.


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  1. Contrary, i use OutlookTransformer. Without sending contacts database to Google (who dont want to share contacts to others) use the standalone android application OutlookTransformer for Android. This app will browse the CSV contact-exported from MsOutlook2003. You must do easy task, 1) export nokia|blackberry|samsung|… phonebook to CSV Outlook2003. 2) send CSV to android 3) Download and install outlooktransformer.apk from softpedia.com or official site 4) Enjoy …

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