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Repairing APC UPS

Reparing APC UPS

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I’ve spent 15 USD x 2 = 30 USD to repair my APC Back-UPS RS-800. I no need to spend more time and more petrol sending the UPS to their service center for repair.

Why I choose this model ? Because this model could have longer time and do have the function to shutdown my PC before run out of the battery. I’ve been using for 3 years without problem, you just need to change the battery every 2 years, like changing your vehicle battery. You no need to buy a new one if you know this simple way to repair your UPS.

I’ve repaired the on last few months ago – Reparing Backup UPS – ES 500
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ISO 280 f/2 1/100sec

Unplug and take out your UPS carefully.

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ISO 640 f/2 1/100sec

wpid3063 DSC3789
ISO 110 f/2 1/100sec

Follow the instruction that how to open the UPS from the bottom and the cable.

wpid3065 DSC3790
ISO 250 f/2 1/100sec

Turn the UPS down, and you can see the side that can be opened.

wpid3067 DSC3791
ISO 400 f/2 1/100sec

Drag out the battery from the bottom.

wpid3069 DSC3792
ISO 320 f/2 1/100sec

The battery Swollen, it is dangerous maybe explode if you continue charging it.

wpid3071 DSC3793
ISO 400 f/2 1/100sec

The UPS container two 12V 7.2Ah battery, that’s why could have longer time.

wpid3073 DSC3794
ISO 500 f/2 1/100sec

This is the cable for the UPS to the batteries.

wpid3075 DSC3795
ISO 220 f/2 1/100sec

The place to plug in the cable.

wpid3077 DSC3796
ISO 200 f/2 1/100sec

Voltage for the UPS.

wpid3079 DSC3798
ISO 1100 f/2 1/100sec

Watch out the Voltage and Ah before buy a new one.

wpid3081 DSC3801

ISO 1100 f/2 1/100sec

Bought 2 with 12V but in 7Ah, it is same and can be used. Make sure the size is same. It cost 15 USD for each battery.

wpid3083 DSC3802
ISO 720 f/2 1/100sec

This is the old one, it is in very dangerous condition, many people never check it and and don’t know that they put a bomb inside their room.

wpid3085 DSC3803
ISO 500 f/2 1/100sec

Unplug the cable and re-plug to the new one.

wpid3087 DSC3804
ISO 500 f/2 1/100sec

Put back the sticker, the sticker could help you inside to UPS easily.

wpid3089 DSC3805
ISO 360 f/2 1/100sec

Do not plugin the cable before the battery insert correctly.

wpid3091 DSC3806
ISO 400 f/2 1/100sec

Plug in the cable after the batteries inserted.

wpid3093 DSC3807
ISO 320 f/2 1/100sec

Press the button, if have light, means it is fine and installed correctly.

wpid3095 DSC3808
ISO 220 f/2 1/100sec

Please check all the UPS in your office or home or any solar power battery. It could be explode or fire happen if you don’t change it and charging it continuously.


Buy me a drink if you this help you save some time and money.
Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Repairing APC UPS”

  1. Is battery main thing that fails and will not allow unit to start up
    No power at is my problem on model 1500 rack style and model 900

  2. I have an APC 1000 smart and am looking for a schematic as i want to convert it to a demand 110 volt power source without using 110 volt connection.

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