How to repair UPS

How to use your UPS again ?

Never throw away your UPS first, maybe your UPS is not dead yet. You might repair it within a few minute.

Many computer shops will ask you to buy a new one UPS rather than change the battery, because they want to push their sales only. Don’t be fool by them, you can repair it, without throw away the old one, we need a green world isn’t it ?

The life time for the UPS normally in 1 or 2 years depends how much power failure during these period. Most of the time is battery failure, but not your UPS failure.

Unless your old UPS is burn out or some of the capacitor burn, if your fuse shorted, you just change the fuse.

Make sure your warranty is expired, if the UPS is still under warranty, you can claim and they will change free for you. APC have 2 years warranty, and other brand maybe have 1 year warranty only.

I found that APC is not using own brand battery too, so, don’t think that big company will give you good things inside. But they do provide better service than other.

Most UPS are using 12V 7Ah to 12V 7.2Ah battery, make sure the Ah is not over than that, if you put a 12V 7.8Ah, it won’t be worked.

You should open the UPS and check first which model of battery you should buy.

A new UPS could cost you 1,500 ( 50 USD ) Baht to 3,000 Baht ( 100 USD ), but the cost of a battery 12V 7Ah or 12V 7.2Ah is cost around 450 Baht ( 15 USD ) only. You could buy from most of the electronic shop. If you buy in computer shop, I think they will charge you more than that. If you send to repair, it will take you more time and more cost.

Here is the step to repair.

  1. Check that is Fuse broken or not. ( If broke, just take out and change it, normally is 5A 3A or something )
  2. Open the screw, from the back side and open the cover.
  3. Un-plug the red and black cable that attached to the battery.
  4. Take out the battery and take a photo ( with your phone ? ) or mark down the value ( because maybe you don’t understand what they wrote on the battery. )
  5. Bring your UPS battery photo or note to electric shop to buy one.
  6. Put the new battery to the same location in the UPS.
  7. Plug in the black and red cable to the battery.
  8. Close the cover
  9. Power on

Most of the case the UPS will work again. If it is no work anymore, then you can send your UPS to recycle. :)

If you just throw away or you just put them in the store room, you are making another piece of rubbish to this green world.

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  • ARUN


  • change the Circuit. If smelly, buy a new one.

  • hemant pal

    i have a ups of intex .
    it does not work in back-up mode please help me,
    i opened it but could not found any reasion

  • send back to your local store for repair, do not open it, the warranty will be void

  • software_ss

    Thanks for a good article about ups.

  • khem

    i have a ups
    his buzzer sound is slow
    i check the output volt in multimeter he show 600v.

  • madhukar

    one day There is a out of range voltage. And at that time My UPS failed and some smell came from that. What happen to it and what to do now.

  • ups is not working,continue single beep.what can i do now.

  • ram gopal

    sir mostly ups sound of gar, gad, ghhhh, what the reason of sound pls help me i have computer shop, so mostly i phase these problem, how i solve this, pls. convience me.

  • jesse

    hello, i have four to five UPS that is working not changing, i bought a new battery it still doing like that,the ups is not changing the battery so; here is my mail [email protected] what can i do?

  • Yanny Fuenmayor

    greetings, my ups do nothing when i push the power button, i opened the case and everything seems to be ok, fuse included, if the battery is damaged… the ups wont even turn on?

  • Thanks for the cool article,and enjoyed the most.

  • Bukola Adewale Charo

    I have a ups .when I plug it to light it doesnt charge .pls what could be the problem?

  • Pauldoh

    if the battery is drained then there is no way the ups turns on,,try changing the battery ,,if that doesnt work ,try to replace the switch……….

    ^City Hunter^

  • Pauldoh

    i dont understand ur english bro…..

  • usman

    Sir in am living in Pakistan, having a smart ups 1000 Va, currently the problem i am facing is this that my ups is not switching it self to a backup mood to a normal mood and dancing between the two switches like switch not switch, switch not switch. if you just give me a solution of this.

  • Mehar sajid


    u must check its some ups there is installed a fuse in input way

  • Abhjith Sivan

    i have numeric digital 600ex. when i plugged the ups , the fault indicator becomes on with long beep sound. i replaced the battery but, it is in the same condition. what should i do? please help

  • Lars Nielsen

    have a old Hp T1000 Ups. It will not start up, no light in to it. dont know only a Fuse or powersupply is dead…

  • ahad

    hello sir my ups champion goes in back up mode even whwn the supply is on please help me what oto do


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