Samsung Champ GT C3303

Download USB driver for Samsung Champ GT-C3303

Samsung Champ GT-C3303 ( C3303 )

This is one of the low price and famous Samsung phone under USD 68. With this price it does support those function.

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Samsung Champ GT C3303

  • 1.3 Megapixel Camera
  • Bluetooth
  • External Memory: MicroSD up to 8GB
  • GPRS Class 10
  • Full Touch Screen
  • Talk Time (Standard): Up to 10.5 hours
  • Embedded JAVA™ Games
  • Samsung Apps Supported
  • with a Stylus Pen
  • Chinese handwriting support
  • FM Radio enabled
  • Fake Call

This is a good phone for kids or user that do not need complicated phone.

Why using USB Driver with PC ?

You can have Internet Connection Manager, share your internet connection using Bluetooth or USB cable.

You can backup and sync contact, image, video to your PC.


Download driver

This phone is not available in USA, Australia, UK and some countries. So, the Samsung US official do not have the link to download this driver.

So, I list down some links from other countries.

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After access the link, click on the Software beside the Manuals then choose the file to download.


Other name fo same model

  • Samsung Champ C3303
  • Samsung Champ C3303K


25 thoughts on “Download USB driver for Samsung Champ GT-C3303”

  1. Thanks for the help finding the USB-2 driver. Now, a question,
    I know I can use this phone in the Philippines.
    Can I use it as-is when I visit the USA with, say, a T-Mobile SIM?
    In other words, is it locked to Asia-Pacific?

  2. to upgrade mobile firmware of my samsung gt-c3303 through kies…it says it is not possible. Can somebody suggest me a bettter way?

  3. c3303 ile bilgisayardan internete bağlandığımda yığın bellek olarak bağlanıyor nasıl çözebiliriz.
    kullandığım program:samsung new pc studio

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