How to transfer contacts from Google to iPhone ?

How to transfer contacts from Google to iPhone ?

Since the newest version of iOS do have iCloud, all the things we need to do is just transfer your contacts to iCloud. Then you won’t be data lost or lost contact if your iPhone / iPad missing.

If your Android device or other device synced with your Google Contacts, then you can transfer using this way.

UPDATE: If you want to transfer contacts from iPhone to Android, you can try this.

Or else in here.

  • Login to your Gmail account,
  • Choose Contacts
  • Click the Export from the Drop down menu ( More )
  • Export Contacts Choosing The group ( My Contacts ).

If you choose All Contacts, this maybe make your contacts messy. Because the previous Gmail keep all those send / received email to the contacts, and collected a lot of spam email address too.

Export in vCard Format, this will be version 3.0 vCard.


I know iOS do not support version lower than that like exporting from old Symbian.

Save the Contacts.vcf to your Documents or Desktop, and you will use it to import later.

Import to iCloud

You can access your iCloud from any browser that have internet connection. This make everything easier. If you do not have iCloud account, you can register one from there.

Login to your iCloud account, with your username and password.

Click on the big Contacts icon

The bottom there have a small gear icon.

Click it and access to Import vCard.

So, choose the Contacts.vcf that you export just now, into your iCloud.

Reason to use this way

I’m using this way, because no need to use Microsoft Outlook or Windows Contact, since the iCloud can sync direct from Outlook only in PC.
Some may ask for
How to transfer contact from Google to iPad ?

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  • Stacie

    Great guide! So much easier than other methods I read about. Worked quickly and perfectly.

  • Thanks! This helped a lot!

  • stacey t

    wow- thank you so much. super easy!! i turned my phone off and when i turned it back on all my contacts were wiped out. i’m not too savvy so i went to apple store. they told me i needed to do this. very much appreciated :)

  • stephanie

    exactly what i needed

  • Very good guide and well said!! worked perfect; a 5 year old could of done it!!!! THANK YOU :)

  • Mansoor Momin

    Thank You… 10/10 for this help Mate…. An excellent guide!!!

  • FrankBernard1


  • copeland lee

    import vCard/Outlook/addressbook to iPhone

  • NikoleM

    Like this guide, it helped me transfer gmail to iPhone. But I also have yahoo and outlook contacts, I use FonePaw iOS Transfer to transfer all of them to my iPhone.

    I have this guide:

  • Nancy Collins

    A little complex for us, why not try iOS Transfer?

    It is an efficient data transfer tool for iPhone/iPad/iPod.

    Just download iOS Transfer on your computer, connect your iPhone and then follow the below guide:

  • Nancy Collins

    There’s no need for so many steps. You just need iOS Transfer.
    Download iOS Transfer and launch it. You will be asked to connect your iPhone to the computer. As the program detect your device, you can transfer contacts between Gmail and iPhone easily with the below tutorial:

  • emiliamax

    Thought that you may try to use iPhone Transfer.
    It’s good to Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Computer as well.

  • Hasndily

    It is difficult to task this transfer program , bacause you want to transfer data between diofferen operating device , maybe you will get lost data from iPhone as i do , in the end ,i also want to find a way to go to restore the lost photos on iPhone

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