How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone ?

How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone ?

How to transfer contacts from Android to iPhone ?

Since the newest version of iOS do have iCloud, all the things we need to do is just transfer your contacts to iCloud. Then you won’t be data lost or lost contact if your iPhone / iPad missing.

This is a How-to for some people that do not sync their contacts to Google, and storing their contacts in Phone Only.

UPDATE: We have updated the easy way to transfer the contacts from iPhone to Android.

Export Contacts from Android Device

  • Tap the Contacts icon on your Android Device.
  • Tap the Menu button of your Android Device
  • The bottom will come out “Search, New Contact, Account, Import/Export …”
  • Choose the Import/Export
  • Export to SDcard.
  • Confirm Export.
  • The vCard ( 0001.vcf ) file will store to your SDcard.

Transfer Contacts to PC

Plugin your USB cable or plug your SDcard to your PC, copy the 0001.vcf file to your Desktop or My Documents.

Import to iCloud

  • You can access your iCloud from any browser that have internet connection. This make everything easier. If you do not have iCloud account, you can register one from there.
  • Login to your iCloud account, with your username and password.
  • Click on the big Contacts icon
  • The bottom there have a small gear icon.
  • Click it and access to Import vCard.

So, choose the 0001.vcf that you export just now, into your iCloud.

Reason to use this way

  • I’m using this way, because no need to use Microsoft Outlook or Windows Contact, since the iCloud can sync direct from Outlook only in PC.
  • Some people do not sync their contact to Google Contacts.
  • Export to vcf can make another backup for your contacts too.

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