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Logos Quiz Answers

Last updated on May 24th, 2020 at 06:30 am

Logos Quiz Answers – Level 10

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90 thoughts on “Logos Quiz Answers”

  1. level 3 wont load but the others will? Do u no y? by the way level 1 & 2 were very helpful!!

  2. Identifying corporate logos is fun???
    This must be a joke, right, or it really does tell you how stupid people are.

  3. Any idea where I can get help with the Android version of this game? It’s not the same as the I phone version

  4. i think it is great and it is NOT cheating as DIFF says! he doesnt have to look at this page so he doesnt need to comment about saying its cheating when its not. Some logos are really hard and this helps heaps!!!!!!! People are NOT stupid except him cause he is a stupid coward and should get stuffed

  5. Thanks a lot!! And as tess says this is not cheating. It is not like if you doing it in a real quiz, it´s only a game okay. If you don´t want to see the answers don´t see them but there is people that do want the answers, because most of them are very difficult and we get stuck. Thanks.

  6. this was a big help but you should post them all on one page because not all quizzes are the same

  7. Sean, the app accepts both Lays and Walkers as an answer.. In fact, it accepts all different answers to what’s on here. If something is named differently in different countries but has the same logo, the app accepts either answer..

  8. That “Wells” logo is actually named “Streets”. It’s an ice cream brand.
    Just saying. And you’re welcome?

  9. I hate when the game decides to change the logo but not the name it makes it very difficult to me to find wich logos i already have on that level.:(

  10. thanks these helped alot!! its just a game and if you actually veiw the game it doesnt give you the exact logo itll give you just a clue e.g the nescafe logo,that will only appear as an N nothing else some time itlll be in a different color or only the background of the logo and no words to help so yeah if you get a little stuck its not exactly cheating,if you think that it is then you really need to get a dictionary :L

  11. what is the blue stick and the thing white an r in it in level two and the orange circle with the m in it?

  12. I need help with one that is not on here. it has M Y Y with a red shooting star under the letters

  13. does anyone know what the blue dude with glasses is? I seem like I need help trying to figure it out.

  14. This helped me a lot. I probably used this at more than 20 times today. Thanks to this chart, I made it to level eleven. Thanks once again.

  15. how/where can i download the logos quiz game for blackberry? here you talk about the answers for blackberry, but i can’t find the game anywhere :/ thank you!

  16. This is POO…Ive bn looking for help to a logo quiz game, level 11 and no one has them. This site has apparently been looking for them for days….not much help if u ask me!

  17. @ Michelle its actually an “a” not a d i also thought it was a d, the answer is “swatch”

  18. I am stuck on level 8 android am t (I know the answer is GameSpot) but just cannot get it to accept it ????

  19. I only have one logo left for level 10. It starts with R, ends with K, is blue lettering with a small crab at the beginning. the crabs body is made up of the letters “RMC”. category is “drinks”

  20. This sounds silly but it’s driving me mad how do I access the hints. It keeps saying I have won hints but I can’t find them help!

  21. Dawn Jones, after clicking on the logo, in the upper right hand corner is a button that teas “hint”. Click that button and a little box should appear from the right. Under it will be a green button that reads “Get hint .” Hope that helps.

  22. OMG!!! LOL!!!JKS!!!

    OMG I just started playing this game but …………………….. I LUV IT !!!!!!! it is the best game ever!!!!!!!!!

  23. francis kenneth omac

    Im looking for the answers of level 9 for logo quiz philippines but still its hard for me to find it..crap wasting time

  24. Helppp!! Green bottle cap with crown in middle of cap (not above cap) ,2 letter P’s one facing backwards just under crown (LvL 75 I think) blackberry 10 logo challenge HD . Thanks in advance. Looked at over 300 pages of icons cannot find

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