Offline Activation in Ultraedit

Offline Activation – INVALID SERVER RESPONSE in Ultraedit

Last updated on April 20th, 2012 at 01:39 pm

Offline Activation – INVALID SERVER RESPONSE in Ultraedit

It is difficult to enter the Offline Activation mode in UltraEdit if you follow the guide from the README.txt or the instruction.txt

I’ve tried and success on IDM UltraEdit and IDM UltraEdit

If you point the licencing server to in WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\hosts it will show the error

INVALID SERVER RESPONSE. Sometime will showing ERROR 4 – WINSOCK CANNOT CONNECT TO SERVER. So you are not able to enter to the Offline Activation Mode.


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You must offline your internet connection. Here is the few way to solve it.

  • Turn off the modem.
  • Click disconnect in the modem admin web mode.
  • Unplug your network cable.
  • Unplug your telephone cable.

Offline Activation in Ultraedit

This working on many version of Ultraedit. Included :

  • IDM UltraEdit
  • IDM UltraEdit
  • IDM UltraEdit
  • IDM UltraEdit v17.00.0.1030
Warning: This article is for education purpose only, please buy and support the original software and do not use illegal software.


14 thoughts on “Offline Activation – INVALID SERVER RESPONSE in Ultraedit”

  1. Hi, in reply to your article, have you tried this solution?

    “If you get the INVALID SERVER RESPONSE error simply click on the proxy button and enter anything in the 2 fields. You will then be prompted with the dialog box that offers you the offline activation button”


    It worked for me (UEStudio 12) :)

  2. Not working for me….

    There was an error processing your request.

    Error Number: 34
    Error Description: DECRYPTION FAILED

    Not even allowing me to Activate it Offline.

  3. Hey guys. Here is another solution <—- does not work. connection detected. invalid server response <— works. no connection detected

    Works for both UE and UES

  4. Hey guys. Here is another solution <—- does not work. connection detected. invalid server response <— works. no connection detected

    Works for both UE and UES

  5. Are you having trouble registering UltraEdit or UEStudio? Can’t get the Offline Activation button to show up no matter what you do? Are you ready to just give up and use Notepad++? Well, I was in your shoes not too long ago and I finally figured it out, and in five minutes you will be running UltraEdit/UEStudio registered too!

    So you read the CORE.NFO and you don’t get anywhere. You went searching online and you found additional information to NOT patch the HOSTS file before registering the application AND to disable your internet connection through Device Manager PLUS unplug everything/turn off wireless… and it STILL doesn’t work, right?
    That’s because that whole NFO’s install/register notes are bullshit. Frankly (and this is for the scenesters out there), CORE’s releases of UltraEdit and UEStudio should be NUKED until they rewrite the NFO, because you will NEVER EVER get it registered following those instructions. When I would put in “anything” into the “License ID” and “Password” fields, I would get an “Error 5008”, and NEVER get a button for “Offline Activation”. And therein lies the problem – you CAN’T put just “anything” into those fields, you have to put NUMBERS.
    Not only that, but they have to be in a certain format, and a certain length. Namely, for “License ID”, use nine digits, with a space after every three digits, ex. 123 456 789. Then, for the password, you use an eight digit contiguous number, i.e. 12345678. THEN IT WILL WORK!
    Believe me, I was doing all kinds of crazy shit: uninstalling with Revo, searching in the registry, deleting/editing the .spl file; THIS WILL WORK! I hope I saved all of you some sanity, keep the warez scene underground and never ever for commercial purposes!

  6. Thank you so much for this. I started thinking I’m too stupid to follow instructions, but obviously no normal person could have ever figured this out by himself…

  7. Hi,

    Still working for UE 24.20 <— works. no connection detected

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