100 Rooms Walkthrough

100 Rooms Walkthrough

100 Rooms Game

This is another game brought to you buy MPI Games, the author of 100 Doors Game. It is a puzzle game or like a room escape game. You need to escape out from the locked room, you need to get and find out the items that needed to solve the puzzle in the room.

100 Rooms

By MPI Games

  • Addicting mini puzzles!
  • Combine the items!
  • Complete utilization of your devices features!
  • Different themed rooms!
  • it’s FREE!

100 Rooms Walkthrough

I always create high quality solution and answers for you, to understand the game, why, and how, to solve it. It is not same like other walkthrough, just give you the answer, without explain how the answer come. We need to enjoy the game while understand the answers and solutions.

Download 100 Rooms

Free: iPhone | iPad | iPod | Android | Windows Phone | Blackberry | Symbian

100 Rooms Solutions

100 Rooms Level 1

Next Level

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