100 Rooms Walkthrough

100 Rooms Game

This is another game brought to you buy MPI Games, the author of 100 Doors Game. It is a puzzle game or like a room escape game. You need to escape out from the locked room, you need to get and find out the items that needed to solve the puzzle in the room.

100 Rooms

By MPI Games

  • Addicting mini puzzles!
  • Combine the items!
  • Complete utilization of your devices features!
  • Different themed rooms!
  • it’s FREE!

100 Rooms Walkthrough

I always create high quality solution and answers for you, to understand the game, why, and how, to solve it. It is not same like other walkthrough, just give you the answer, without explain how the answer come. We need to enjoy the game while understand the answers and solutions.

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100 Rooms Solutions

100 Rooms Level 1

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  • billy

    How do i combine the 2

  • Cat

    You double click on the round one when the big screen comes up click once on the other one and tap the big screen! Lol there you go it took me forever to figure it out.

  • jewmak

    How do I combine them all plz help this is killin me

  • paul pelausa

    my god ! room 31 driving me Crazy !

  • Rah

    Level 9 only see 2 green fish, 3 red fish and 2 blue fish what am I doing wrong?!?!

  • karley

    Anyone know how to do level 13?

  • Betty

    On level 9 you have to do the fish in order of color green red red blue green blue red

  • liz

    For the fishes you have for do it ib order ex. Green blue red red green blue red. Hope it helps. Also to combine the items double click one a window will open then click nect item and click into the popped up window. If it csn be combined it will work.. anyone figure out floor 10 im stuck at the flash light.

  • liz

    Level 10 after you get the flashlight to where the couch is and double click below it. It will zoom in and this is where you click on flashlight thwn below wherw it zoomed in will get a 6 diget this thw password to unlock the door. 416777 if i remember right.

    Also sorry foe any mistakes uaing my cell phone and its 1am

  • rain_minor

    помогите с 13 уровнем, пожалуйста… голова взрывается!!!

  • Jazmine

    Sum1 please help me I’m stuck on level 13!!!

  • Jazmine

    Sum1 PlEaSe help me get thru Level 13!!!! Its driving me crazy!

  • Kevin

    can u tell me how to do level 18 before i go mental cheers

  • MaeMae

    if level 13 is the spray paint one . ! well you’re looking at the door . and click the left arrow . colours orange , purple , blue . then go left zoom to the next part of the room and click left . colours green , aquamarine . then go right . click violet (first picture on ur top left) the green (middle line 2nd picture) and red (last circle frame 2nd line) then go right and (bottom line 3rd picture from your left) go right zoom to the door and go right (click maroon 2nd row from your right then violet middle, bottom line, then orange ur top left) and door should open . ! sorry guys . soo long . LOL hope it helped

  • lisa d

    Level 13, at door go left, click orange, pink, blue. Go left, enter go left, click green, light blue, go right, purple, light green. Go right, click brown, bottom row 3rd over, go right enter go right click purple(middle right) blue on bottom orange at top turn left n yay dne n a figure 8 color order pain n the a$$!!

  • Jessie Jay

    For some odd reason on level 8, the code won’t open the safe, I’m pressing 592357, is this a glitch in the game or me? Please help, before I throw my phone!!!

  • Nodiew

    Jessie the combo is 592351 it is a one not a seven

  • Nodie

    It is a one not a seven 592351

  • Keltz

    How do you do number 14?? The one with all the bananas? I need help!!

  • anthony

    What is the solution to level 22?

  • bri

    9, empty block, 9, x, 9, /, 9 for level 14

  • jordan

    I can NOT figure out level 13 ive tried everything someone please explain a little better so i can understand id greatly appreciate it alot

  • shala

    how do i unlock LEVEL15 its confusing

  • kim

    thefigure8 is represented by the 2 connected rooms.looking at the door as the top of the figure 8, the walks are then viewed in the order of the figure 8, starting at the door and moving left. then when you go left again, you’re looking at the center of the 8. go into the other room and the wall to the left is the bottom right of the 8. my only problem was the colors weren’t the same on the frames as in the spray paints.

  • sharky

    Level 20, I’ve put the picture back right now what? Help!

  • emma

    Ive entered 9, empty block, 9, x, 9, /, 9 on level 14 an it wont work

  • JasonB

    @emma: not ‘x’ its ‘+’

  • Jenna

    for 14 it’s 9 blank 9 + 9/9 enter

  • julie

    Does any one know how to unlock 15?

  • Sharielle

    Can’t get pass level 18. Put in code and the door won’t open

  • Mereana

    help on level 38 its driving me crazy!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!

  • Tara

    my level 14 doesnt look like that..its totally different!!

  • Alyssa

    Help on 14 please

  • Jo-lene

    stuck on 18….help! please

  • Janice

    My level 13 is different.. It’s in a kitchen.. Please help

  • Janice

    My level 13 is different.. It’s in a kitchen.. Please help

  • I’m stuck on level 13 and Myn is kitchen on as well it’s not the picture frame like what’s on all the help sites ?

  • missy

    on level 4 – yes just started. got everything right but when i type in the code the safe doesn’t open. is there a secret handshake i don’t know???

  • Level 10 code doesn’t open door :(

  • Mobina

    Hello! I’m from Iran! :)

  • LaurieSmith

    My levels 14-? Are different than the answers on this page. Help!!!!

  • Befuddled

    Level 12 – the hammer on the side of the bath doesn’t work :-(


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