How to delete all photos from iPhone on Mac ?

How to delete all photos from iPhone on Mac ?

I’m using iPhoto to import photo from my iPhone 4s to my MacBook Pro Retina display. After I imported my photos, I found that there are impossible to delete photos from iPhone. I tried to find the Finder, and it is not display the iPhone 4s as a device. So, finally I found the way to delete the photos using Preview.

I’m going to share the step by step with screenshot that can delete all your photos or selected photos from iPhone on Mac OS X.

Launching Preview in Spotlight

The fastest way to open application in Mac OS X is using the Spotlight. Just type in Preview to search in the Spotlight, and launch it.

Use Import in Preview

After you connect your iPhone to your Mac, you are able to import photo. You just need to use import in Preview.

File…. Import from iPhone 4s….

Use Preview to delete photos

You can see your photos thumbnails in the Preview Import screen. Choose any files that you want to delete, select those files and click on the DELETE button. Make sure you have backup all your important photos before delete, because this will delete those photo permanently. Use this with careful.

If you want to delete all photos from the iPhone, you can select all photos by using Command + A, then only click the delete button.


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  • Ahmad Zuhairi

    FANTASTIC! The best method I ever come across

  • mi

    Great solution! Thanx

  • Ce Allan

    Awesome! So simple. Thank you.

  • Sadly, did not work for me. Auto-lock set to never yet after about 60 seconds, Preview says my iphone was disconnected.

  • neil

    so simple. Thank you!!

  • remon

    really useful, thank you!

  • john

    Worked brilliantly, thanks so much for a simple working solution

  • MMD

    Didnt work for me. !!!

    Using iPhone 5 and MAcBook Pro Mac OS X10.7.5

    It deleted the photo on my MAC but not on my iPhone.

    I wish to store the photos on my MAC and delete the photos on my iPhone.

  • Katy

    this was incredibly helpful after not knowing how for so long! thank you! it was also super easy! even better!

  • James

    Thanks a lot, your way makes the job so easy.

  • johny appleseed

    THANK YOU!!! I can’t believe how hard it is to find out how to easily perform these kinds of basic operations…. This is perfect!

  • Sterling Williams

    Yeah, didn’t work here either… deleted as suggested (iphone5, macbook pro) and I luv the Preview program but here only deleted on Preview, all phone pics intact #Blast! I think iPhoto is one of the most poorly designed programs and also the way apple doesn’t make this EASY (very basic thing everyone needs, at least those of us that use our phone/cam a lot)
    -Don’t understand how it’s working ‘perfect’ for some here as commented…?

  • dwisehart

    Worked great for me.  Thanks!

  • User

    I have an iPhone 5 with iOS 6 and a Macbook under OS X 10.7.5. Your method to delete photos on iPhone worked fine, just what I needed, thanks!

  • Amazonia

    Mad props for you.


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