Whats My IQ Cheats

Whats My IQ Cheats for iPhone, iPad, iPod

Last updated on May 18th, 2013 at 06:17 am

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What’s My IQ Game

What’s My IQ?™is a whole new puzzle game with a series of creative puzzles, and absurd solutions that you will never ever thought of! Each puzzle is unique and pushes your creative thinking to the limit. Think out-of-box, don’t think straight!

What’s My IQ?™ gives you an IQ score at the end of the day, and it tightly integrates you to your Facebook friends so that you can see who has a higher IQ in creativity! Get your friends and family to try it out. Watch and laugh at how stupid they can be at these highly unusual questions! The solutions are simple but are never obvious! Your IQ score will be based on number of mistakes and time taken, so take a deep breath before you get started with this intense, mind-blowing game!

What’s My IQ Review

This game challenge your IQ with time limit, you have to answer the question as fast as possible to prove that your IQ isn’t low. I’m here provide you the answers for you, then you can answer all of them as fast as possible, so you can share to your friends that your IQ is higher than them.

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What’s My IQ Download

Free: iPhone | iPad | iPod | Android | Blackberry | Windows Phone | Symbian
Pro: iPhone | iPad | iPod | Android | Blackberry | Windows Phone | Symbian

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What’s My IQ Cheat

  1. Unlock the screen.
  2. If 5=1, 2=15, 3=30, 4=50, then 5=?
  3. Which number is the biggest?
  4. Mary is the sister-in-law of my dad’s only brother. Who is Mary to me?
  5. Which number is the smallest?
  6. Type the biggest possible number.
  7. Which direction is the torchlight facing?
  8. If there are 6 sisters in a family, each with 1 brother, how many children are there in the family altogether?
  9. Tear the note into 2 pieces.
  10. How many candles are there on the cake?
  11. Correct the arrows.
  12. Which direction is the torchlight shining again?
  13. Tap the pail with water.
  14. Clean up the car.
  15. Create an earthquake
  16. Correct the arrows again.
  17. Tap STOP when the 6th bulb lights up.
  18. Put all objects into the dotted lines.
  19. Tap all the even numbers
  20. Tap the pail with water again.
  21. What color is the opposite of blue?
  22. How many apples are there on the tree?
  23. Which pail is different?
  24. Mary’s father has 5 daughters. First is Nana, second is Nene, third is Nini and forth is Nuno. What is the name of his fifth daughter?
  25. Pay for this bread.
  26. Find X.
  27. Align the stars horizontally.
  28. Type the smallest possible number.
  29. Put some pepper on the soup.
  30. How many holes are there on this t-shirt?
  31. Make Peter go home.
  32. Create a no smoking sign.
  33. Wear this cap.
  34. Identify the grammar mistakes.
  35. Press ROLL to roll the dice.
  36. Which compass is pointing to north?
  37. Burst the balloon from right to left.
  38. Take a photo of the star within the frame.
  39. Which animal does not belong to the same group.
  40. Tap on the biggest camp fire.
  41. Help John! He forgotten to bring and umbrealla.
  42. Make up 25 kg.
  43. Which fish is different?
  44. Wake up your sleeping neighbor!
  45. Tap the smallest cloud.
  46. Find the owl.
  47. Which is the tallest non-extinct animal on Earth? Spell it.
  48. Charge up the batteries.
  49. Open the safe box.
  50. Complete the sequence?
  51. Stage 50-101

Unlock the Screen.

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  1. Why couldn’t there be just 7 holes in the shirt? There could be just one hole one the back–we can’t see the complete borders of the back hole (or holes); therefore I could easily cut just one hole in the back of a shirt that exactly looks like the shirt in this quiz.

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