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How to Swap Hero in Dota 2 ?

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How to Swap Hero in Dota 2 ?

Hi guys, good news for you! If you are a Dota 2 player, or going to join Dota 2. Please read me!
We actually figured out there’s a very confusing problem around most of the player. How to swap hero? Did you facing this problem before? Sorry, in Dota 2 it’s no such command like -swap or -swapall.

No need to be confuse and panic, it is too easy. Follow the step from the picture above. I will explain 1 more time in here too. And there are some very important point to remember.
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Step by step to Swap Hero in Dota 2

  1. Enter the hero picking, choose or random a hero, enter it.
  2. Click the Name List button on the left top.
  3. Right click the player name that you want to swap with. Choose “swap hero”.
  4. Hero will swap after your teamate or friend accepted your request. If your teamate requested to swap hero with you, a window will pop out like number 4 in the picture. You can choose either OK or Cancel.
  5. They are 2 point that i have figured out why you cant swap hero in some game. 
It is maybe you are playing a SD(single draft) Mode, or you do the swap selection after the creep spawn. So please make sure you are not doing swap selection in this 2 moment.

How to Swap Hero in Dota 2

Swap Heroes in Single Draft

I have received some information from some website, that’s actually Dota 2 is now trying to make the swap option in the SD (single draft) Mode. I believe that Dota 2 will make it happen soon. And i knew most of the player prefer to swap hero with teamate when playing SD (single draft) Mode, cause me too.

Dota 2 is improving

No matter graphic, audio, bug fix, controlling or UI, Dota 2 nowaday is improove a lot if you compare it with Dota in Warcraft 3. But maybe you need 1 or 2 days to learn the controlling and purchase system in Dota 2.
Anyway, Dota 2 now is keep giving beta key to the player around the world. If you want to register for a beta key, can proceed to this website .
If you have any new update for this post, please share with us. Good luck.
See you in Dota 2.

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4 thoughts on “How to Swap Hero in Dota 2 ?”

  1. I have actually seen players ask others if they would like to swap, but I had no idea how to do it. I’ve also seen most people use the swap feature in Dota 2 when they just random a character and end up with a hero they don’t like.

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