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Escape If you can Walkthrough for iPhone, iPad , Android

Escape If You Can Level 9

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We are creating and uploading the walkthrough for this level, please visit again few minutes later, thank you.
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9 thoughts on “Escape If you can Walkthrough for iPhone, iPad , Android”

  1. Wait a few minutes?….did you mean days?…or months?….or did you just abandon ship altogether?

  2. Ok I’ve gotten the ring under the chair Placed the ring on the box and openned it which has given me a key
    I also found the numbers 3 8 7 6
    Now what?

  3. Has anyone figured out level 8 yet? I’m not sure what to do with the books in the wall. It’s driving me crazy!!

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  5. Amber Marie : you have to look at the picture.in the picture they put a letter to each book .in the game you have to touch the book a in order for example the book a is the fieras your going to touch ,then the b ,then the c And then the d

  6. This isn’t what my level 2 looks like. I have a microscope, brief case, deck of cards, etc

  7. Mine doesn’t show anything but x’s on the elevator buttons and won’t let me change it to the shapes sequence from the notepad

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