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Advance to the next floor by solving the puzzles!

You can pick certain items up and use them from your inventory.

Keep the Escape If You Can app, so we can notify you of new levels.

Escape If You Can Game Review

One of the famous room escape game brought to you by Kaarel Kirsipuu, there are 7 floors you have to solve all of them by using some items and inventory.

Escape If You Can Walkthrough, Cheats, Solutions, Hints for Apps Game iPhone, iPad, Android by Kaarel Kirsipuu. All 7 Levels Floors Solutions with explanation screenshots.

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Escape If you can Walkthrough

Escape If You Can Level 1

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Escape If You can Level 1

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  • Disappointed

    Wait a few minutes?….did you mean days?…or months?….or did you just abandon ship altogether?

  • wasil

    i ve got it

  • Adriana

    Ok I’ve gotten the ring under the chair Placed the ring on the box and openned it which has given me a key
    I also found the numbers 3 8 7 6
    Now what?

  • Amber Marie

    Has anyone figured out level 8 yet? I’m not sure what to do with the books in the wall. It’s driving me crazy!!

  • SH

    Look behind the picture for the safe

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  • Help

    Amber Marie : you have to look at the the picture they put a letter to each book .in the game you have to touch the book a in order for example the book a is the fieras your going to touch ,then the b ,then the c And then the d

  • Laura

    Stuck on level 9, help!

  • Fish

    This isn’t what my level 2 looks like. I have a microscope, brief case, deck of cards, etc

  • Shannon

    Mine doesn’t show anything but x’s on the elevator buttons and won’t let me change it to the shapes sequence from the notepad

  • kay Lancashire

    This isnt the room I have for level 7


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