100 Fusumas Walkthrough

100 Fusumas – room escape game

Solve the secret in these japanese room, open the fusuma and escape! Fusuma is a japanese traditional sliding door.

  • Japanese style room escaping game.
  • Fully use the device feature (tap,swipe,flick,shake,tilt)
  • Open the fusuma to go to the next stage.
  • This is a free application and more stages will be added!

100 Fusumas Review

One of the best Japanese Room Escape Game with puzzle quest for every level. You will understand some of the Japanese Culture after play this game. We have solved all the levels and would like to share with you with the explanation for every level. All the rooms with our hints and guide to guide you solve the game in fastest way.

100 Fusumas Download

Free: iPhone | iPad | iPod | Windows Phone | Android | Blackberry

100 Fusumas Walkthrough

100 Fusumas Room 1

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  • Kai Bernhardt

    Solution for room 81:
    Drag the colored balls into the mouth on the door. Yellow, orange, green and red (in this order). Zou will hear a sound, tap the door and advance to the next level.


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